Introducing the New Fly Mop 2

Introducing the New Fly Mop 2

The Mop Every House Needs

This mop is like no other. It may look like any other mop, but this FlyMop will be the answer to all your home cleanliness. Not only does it leans stubborn dirt, dust, and spills, but it also traps the dirt and grime deep in the pad. This means that during the process of cleaning the dirt will not be transferred around the floor. Its ultra-fine weave makes it super absorbent.

Washing and drying with a vertical mop is the most comfortable and efficient cleaning method of 2019! Simply slide the mop through the compartments, and the mop will have 100% contact with the water. Once ready to dry, push the mop using the up and down motion which allows the mop to become slightly damp and ready to clean your surfaces without any splashes or water residue.


Health Benefits

The new FlyMop ensures rapid dry and cleanliness, and it benefits you with your health. With a long mop, there's no straining and needing to bend and lean over. This will prevent back pains, and oblige your arm muscle to do the job, not your back. Clean like a pro with this New FlyMop.

Have You Been Mopping Properly?

New and advanced design has been put together has all the components together. Neatly slot in the mop into the bucket for a secure and sturdy hold, unlike regular mops where the mop stick tumbles everywhere. Just unsnap the side fasteners to remove from the bucket.

This New FlyMop easily slides under furniture and other tight spaces allowing you to manoeuvre your way into hard-to-reach places with little to no effort.

We understand the pain when you're trying to reach under the TV stand but end up damaging or skipping that part. Not with this mop, this New FlyMop is slimmer and absorbs more dirt than any other regular mop.

Watch this video for more information.

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