Make the most of your garden, while you still can

Summer’s nearly ending and Autumn is on its way. Don’t fear, you still have plenty of time to make the most of your garden this year. All our rattan furniture can be kept outdoors as they’re showerproof. Whether you plan to lounge or dine outdoors you’ll find something from Furniture Maxi. Get the family away from the T.V and dine outdoors catching some sun rays and fresh air.

What’s new with Furniture Maxi?

The summer sale continues! Across our extensive range of outdoor furniture, have a look at what we offer, you never know what you might find from a range of number of seating and colours.

Newest to Furniture Maxi is our ‘Eton range’. Unlike all our other stunning sets our new Eton range is a compact size you’ll still be able to lounge or dine outdoors. Our Eton range is effective as it has a slimmer frame compared to our other ranges however, You’ll be sure to save space and it looks pleasing to the eye. With the added space, you can therefore add a little decoration. Whether it’s a free-standing lantern, garden fireplace or even a BBQ.

You can’t go wrong with scatter cushions, keep it classic with our plain yet vibrant cushions. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something striking and eye-catching our printed cushions will do the job. Click here to shop all things cushions.

Scatter cushions | Furniture Maxi

It’s always good to be cautious about rainy days, although our rattan sets are waterproof it’s ensures pro-activity for next day use.

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