8 Seater Garden Sets

8 seater garden sets 

If you have a garden with enough space to accommodate an 8 seater garden set, you really can start to plan big to help you make the most of the outdoor space. 8 seater garden sets are available as corner sofa sets, dining sets and modular pieces, so you can set things up just how you like it.

Whether you are big on entertaining or just want a little more room for you and the family to spread out in your down time, an 8 seater lounge set can be a real game changer. Rattan outdoor furniture typically provides fantastic seating space, even if every seat is being used, but it’s never a bad thing to have that little bit more available so you can really enjoy yourself.

Modular designs

At Furniture Maxi, we have an ever-growing collection of deluxe 8 seater rattan garden furniture. If you want to go the modular route, you can configure the layout to suit the layout and walkthrough of your garden. It helps solve the problem of scouring the internet in search of a garden furniture set that not only fits the specific dimensions of the space, but that also complements it.

No two gardens are the same, not only in size but in how they are manicured and curated to include pathways, flower and plant beds, ponds and other features. That’s why it’s important to ensure the garden furniture you buy enhances the aesthetic so it looks and feels like the right fit.

Modular rattan furniture gives you the extra advantage of changing the layout to suit the occasion or if the garden is undergoing a refresh. So, if you are having friends over for an evening dinner or hosting a birthday celebration, simply move things around to suit. Likewise if the garden is being landscaped, whatever new design you have in mind, a modular rattan will be able to accommodate it.

Rattan corner sofas

For gardens that need to make the most of their space an 8-seater corner sofa can really make the difference. Used in the right way, it can help make the area appear even larger than it is – even though you haven’t actually expanded the floor space. A corner sofa is designed to complement the perimeter to create more room, while also ensuring the same amount of seating space remains available.

8 seater garden sets are also on trend because they are a modern design that brings together functionality and style. There are a variety of colours to choose from – typically brown, grey, black and white – which makes them easy to blend in with your current tonal preferences. On the other hand, they are built to a high standard for long-term usage and comfort, which makes functionality a given.

An increasing number of people are choosing to improve their outdoor living spaces so they can spend more time at home and save money in the long run. Corner sofas serve as great hosting quarters where you can sit and chat in large groups, ensuring everyone is kept involved in the conversation. It also ensure there is no more shouting over long restaurant tables to speak to someone situated at the other end.

8 seater rattan garden dining sets 

If you have a garden large enough to accommodate 8 seater rattan garden sets, then it makes sense that you’ll want to enjoy the benefits of al-fresco dining. A garden dining set is the place to be outdoors from late spring to early autumn, giving you the chance to eat away from the confines of the home. Nothing beats eating good food, with great company in wonderful conditions and where could be more comfortable than your own garden?

Restaurants are fantastic, and it’s great to be able to enjoy fine cuisine cooked by experienced chefs – the only problem is the cost that comes with it. Whether it’s the petrol, Uber fare or the restaurant bill, you have to pay a good price to eat out well. Plus, you have no control over the ambience and experience once you get there – and even the very best restaurants have their off nights.

But hosting an 8 seater dining set in your garden gives you far more control and a longer night enjoying yourself. Travelling to and from the restaurant takes away some of your own time, but with everything literally available on your doorstep in the garden, you can make the most of your evening. Even if you don’t entertain much, a rattan dining set can be the place you start your day together as a family, and the place you come back together in the evening, with sunset taking longer to arrive during the summer months.

Cube sets 

If space really is an issue but you still need at least 8 seats to accommodate your needs, a cube set could offer the ideal solution. Thanks to their compact and storage-friendly design, you can still enjoy the comfort of rattan garden furniture, while also using the outdoor space effectively to complement your lifestyle.

Cube sets can literally be folded down into a more compact size, making storage so much easier. So whether you want to simply push them under the dining table, or store them in a shed or garage, you shouldn’t have to fight too hard to find enough space for them. So if you have limited garden and/or storage space, a cube set gives you a few more options to work with.

The modern design of cube sets also makes them an appealing choice for many homeowners. The clean edges and simple shape enable them to adapt to changing tastes and trends, without looking outdated and out of touch. They are also a wonderful alternative to traditional garden furniture designs, so if you want something a little different or unique, take a closer look at our cube sets for your home.

Deluxe rattan accessories

It’s not just 8 seater rattan garden sets that prove to be popular with homeowners. Of course, furniture patio sets tend to be the main thing that customers look to position in their gardens, but rattan accessories also play an important role.

For example, reclining sun loungers take prime position in many gardens, especially for anyone whose priority for the summer ahead is to get the best tan possible. The British summer can sometimes feel very short, so if you want to make the most of the sun while it is out, this is a great way to relax and get that healthy glow. Of course, you should always be careful when staying in the sun for extended periods, so it’s a good thing to buy a parasol that provides shade. Investing in a round dining table with a parasol hole will also ensure everyone else can get away from the heat whenever they need.

Rattan storage boxes will play their part in the long-term upkeep of your furniture safe and protected through the summer. Their neat and unobtrusive design enables them to blend in with the rest of the garden and provide the perfect place to put cushions and throws when needed. Storage in and around the house can be difficult at the best of times, especially if you have growing children, so a storage box helps solve that problem. It won’t fade or deteriorate when left outside for long periods and it provides the sort of useful convenience households always need. And just look other rattan pieces, maintenance and care is easy, so it ends up being a worthwhile investment.

Taking care of your rattan furniture 

Whether you are buying an 8 seater garden set, dining chairs, glass top coffee table, bistro set or any other type of rattan furniture, maintenance and care should be close to the top of your list when making a buying decision. Naturally, you don’t want to work overtime cleaning and scrubbing to keep the material in good condition, but you also want it to last for as long as possible.

One of the simplest ways to enhance the longevity of the rattan weave is to invest in a weatherproof furniture cover. Of course, rattan already has its own natural weather resistance properties, but these only work to a certain level against the elements and over exposure to UV rays, rain or frost for extended periods of time will likely accelerate the deterioration of the material.

A polyester furniture cover also keeps off bird droppings (which can be acidic) and leaves (that tend to decay) from the material. When the patio furniture or chairs set is not in use, cover the seating so it is protected and still looking great when you return. This is particularly important during the later autumn and winter months if you start to use the furniture less and you do not have a conservatory to bring them inside. You want to know that when it comes round to spring again that your garden furniture is ready to go straightaway.