Black Rattan Garden Sets

Black rattan garden sets

Black has a timeless appeal 

When it comes to clothing, fashion experts will always tell you that black never goes out – it’s a timeless colour that always looks good and provides the perfect base for other tones and shades to shine. That same principle applies to black rattan garden furniture, whether it’s just a set of garden chairs or a 9 seater rattan corner sofa. Classic colours will always find a place in the home and outdoor spaces, no matter what era we are in and our range of outdoor furniture pieces look fantastic all year round.

Combine the clear black lines with simple whites and greys to create a sharp monochrome look that manages to be both classic and contemporary. Black also goes exceptionally well with brighter colours like yellow, light blues and red, enabling you to add throws and cushions to brighten things up if you need. Because black is a foundational colour, black rattan garden sets give you the freedom to explore and experiment even more, without really worrying about colour clashes and uneven tones.

Black rattan furniture for conservatories and orangeries 

Despite often being referred to as outdoor furniture and patio furniture, one of the best things about rattan is its versatility. It’s the reason why it has been used for centuries by people across the world, and why it will never go out of style. So why you may buy rattan chair and garden table sets for use outdoors, they are also perfect for use in conservatories and orangeries.

If you have these types of extensions on your home, it’s important to get use out of them throughout the year beyond the warmer months. Rattan garden furniture sets let you do just that, so even when the temperature falls and the days become shorter, you can still relax and entertain in style. Black rattan furniture looks just as great inside as it does in the garden, so no matter what type of décor you have, it should fit right in.

Black rattan garden furniture for lawns and grass

Some people are more protective of their lawns than others, and understandably, as it usually takes a lot of hard work to get it into good condition. Garden lawns are the perfect place to sit and unwind as it puts you in the middle of the natural environment and usually gives you one of the best views to enjoy. It’s important to know that the more weight put onto the grass, the more marks and damage is likely to happen, but as long as you bear that in mind, there are few better places to relax.

A black garden sofa is a great start point, be it a corner sofa set or a modular rattan garden sofa set. Rattan corner sofas start from 4 seater ranges up to 9 seaters and help you maximise space for entertaining or simply just to navigate the area when moving around. This can be particularly helpful if you have pets and young kids running around and want to ensure trip hazards are kept to a minimum.

Rattan outdoor patio furniture 

In many homes, the first thing you step out onto is the patio area, which serves as the welcoming area for anyone entering the outdoor garden space. As the saying goes, first impressions count, so it’s important to set the mood and catch people’s attention as they leave the main part of the house. Many designers now also say that the ‘outdoors is the new indoors’ so you definitely want the two spaces to complement each other.

A patio set can be anything from a dining table and dining chairs, to a lounge set or even a sun lounger. It all comes down to how much space you have available and how you want to use the patio area for yourself and others. The patio can be used as a space to pop in and out of the main areas of the house, or for relaxing in good weather with even better company. Black rattan garden furniture blends right in and is the perfect go-to colour if you want to play it safe.

Rattan garden furniture sets for balconies 

Just because you don’t have a large garden – or perhaps no garden at all – it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the wonders of rattan garden furniture. Bistro sets are perfect for these smaller, compact spaces, creating an area you can eat and drink with others, while soaking in the sunshine and all-round good feeling that comes with outdoor dining.

Black bistro sets always tend to be a popular choice with customers, as it’s a classic colour that always looks great. Dark grey and light grey also tend to be colours people choose and they also blend together with black incredibly easily.

Rattan garden furniture for decking 

Whether It’s a 2 seater sofa or a rattan dining set to help you make the most of life outdoors, placing it on decking areas is never a bad idea. Decking is a great focal point for any garden and gives you the perfect vantage point to enjoy the views at your own leisure. It’s a place where you can entertain friends and host dinners – turning it into an immediate extension of the living room, kitchen or whatever room that adjoins to the garden.

Rattan furniture is the perfect fit for decking spaces and the type you choose depends on how much space you have available. Rattan cube sets help maximise space thanks to their compact design, while modular rattan garden sofas enable you to configure your own set-up to suit you. Day beds can also work well here, creating a lounge spot that anyone in the household can enjoy.  

Black rattan footstools 

Footstools were once thought of as luxury items and somewhat unnecessary parts of a sofa set, but in recent times this has changed. People want to relax in comfort in their gardens and a footstool provides an easy way to kick back with their feet up without a worry in the world. More than one person can use them at any one time and they are incredibly easy to move around – so now they are seen as essential accessories that add to the garden experience.

Taking care of your outdoor furniture 

One of the main things you should be looking for when researching outdoor furniture is maintenance. When you look at the likes of timber and iron furniture, you’ll notice that they require quite a bit of work to maintain their condition over time. While they look great and are popular options, you may want a more low effort option to help you make the most of your own spare time.

It’s why rattan garden furniture continues to be the preferred choice for many homes across the UK. Thanks to its weather resistant properties you enjoy natural weatherproof protection that keeps the furniture in good condition rain or shine.

However, from coffee tables (even those with a glass top) and table sets, to garden chairs and corner sofa sets, we recommend that you always keep a close eye on the weather for long-term protection. PE rattan can withstand exposure to harsher elements, but you should try to cover the furniture whenever it is not in use. That could be through using a protective cover, or storing the furniture inside a warmer, sheltered area – both options work just as well.

Spread your payments with Klarna 

One of the biggest hurdles some people find difficult to overcome is paying for an item in one lump sum. Affordability is important in today’s world and it’s key you feel you are getting good value not only for the quality of the item, but the service you are being given.

It’s why we give our customers the option to use a ‘buy now, pay later’ method called Klarna. There is no better way to order the Furniture Maxi products you love while spreading the payments and receiving the product without any delay.

You have the option to pay within 30 days after the furniture item has been delivered, or you can split the repayments across 3 equal instalments. Just choose the option you prefer at the checkout and pay the funds by the agreed dates.

Even better, we do not add any interest or penalty fees for missed payments. However, you should be aware that a missed payment could have a negative effect on your credit score, which can make it harder to secure credit at a later date.

Of course, if you prefer to pay for your item in full at the checkout, you can choose to do that too. Whatever way you want to pay, it means you have more options and flexibility with how you spend your money. It can also help you spend that little bit more to create the garden of your dreams – safe in the knowledge you have all the payments under control.

Enjoy great offers with Furniture Maxi

We’re always looking to bring value to our customers and to help you get the most from your garden. It’s why we are always bringing you the very best deals and offers to help your money stretch that little bit further. Creating the ideal garden space shouldn’t have to cost a fortune and long gone are the days when you needed to take out a loan just to make the most of your outdoor space.

Today it’s all about providing great products at an affordable price. Our rattan furniture is made to last, so it’s a long-term investment that you can use in your current home and if you move in the future, bring it with you to build another place of comfort and relaxation. We also offer free delivery on every order sent to a single UK mainland address, helping you save even more money on your order.

Add in our standard 3-year frame warranty and you can instantly see why Furniture Maxi is one of the best outdoor furniture suppliers around. So, no matter the season, we can help you plan ahead for the days when you can entertain and relax in real style in the comfort of your own home.