Everything You Need To Know About Designing Your Perfect Bathroom


After a while, every bathroom needs a facelift and refresh to give it a new lease of life. While a new coat of paint can go a long way, sometimes it isn’t enough. Purchasing new bathroom furniture is one of the ways to transform the space, giving it the sort of ambience you need to relax and soak away the stresses of day-to-day life.


And if you are thinking of selling your property, updating your bathroom furniture will also add value to the price. Read through our bathroom furniture buying guide to find out how to get started.

Furniture Size and Position

Before you start committing to pieces of furniture for your bathroom, you will have to get an idea of the space available to you. This includes taking measurements of the length, width and height of the bathroom to fully understand the dimensions and assess which items will work in the room.


Drawing a layout can be extremely useful in this regard and it should also include the location of utilities such as power supplies and water mains, as these all affect the space available to you.


While having tall storage cabinets will look stylish, you want to ensure you have enough space between the ceiling and the top of the furniture. When buying bathroom cabinets of any size you want to keep the walkway in and out of the bathroom clear. Another thing to avoid is checking that open doors do not protrude into the space and affect use of items such as corner vanity units.


Whatever sized bathroom you own, there are ways to make the most of the space. That’s why it’s important to understand the dimensions first of all, so you can purchase things like small bathroom storage cabinets if your bathroom is compact rather than large in size.

Choose the Shape and Colour

There is almost no limit to the shape bathroom furniture is available in. From curved laundry cabinets to square under sink bathroom cupboards, you’ll be able to find something to suit the dimensions of your bathroom.


The choice of colours is just as broad and the tone you settle on will play a big role in the ambience in the bathroom, and the sense of space you feel is available. For example, darker colours will naturally make a small room feel smaller, so to create the illusion of more space, a lighter tone would be more preferable.

Furniture Style



When it comes to deciding on the style of bathroom furniture you’ll want to use, there are three main types to choose from. These are not set in stone, but more of a broad approximation to give you some direction when narrowing down your options.


  • This is very much based on classic, natural looking styles. For example, having timber bathroom cabinets or towel ladders to create an interior that looks and feels like it is from a certain period in history.


  • Opting for a modern style usually means buying sleek, minimal style furniture. This might mean going for a slim corner vanity unit that makes the bathroom look advanced and sometimes even futuristic by design.


  • If you are someone who likes to remain on-trend and keep up with the latest popular designs, then you’ll prefer the contemporary look. This might mean changing bathroom cabinets or under sink bathroom cupboards regularly to keep up with new trends.

How Will The Bathroom Be Used?

As everyone’s bathroom is different, so are levels of usage it will experience. For example, if you live alone then you might need a simple and straightforward set-up, while a family home will require other pieces of furniture to support everyone’s needs.


This will influence details such as whether or not you need to buy a large or small towel ladder, or laundry cabinets to suit one, two or more people. Will you need tall storage cabinets that provide more space, or more of a compact size?


What will also play a big role in all of this is the type of bathroom you want to create. Is it a space to escape to and relax in, or something functional and practical that just gets the job done? This will affect everything from the bathroom cabinets you buy to the bathmat you want to use on a daily basis.


The important thing to do here is to forget what you have used the bathroom for before and focus on the picture you have in your mind. Think about what you want it to be and how are you going to achieve the final look and slow make your way towards achieving that vision.

Don’t Forget Ventilation

Given the amount of water vapours produced in the bathroom, ensuring you have enough ventilation is vital to protecting the furniture inside. It can be easily forgotten when planning your new bathroom but it should be remembered that condensation can have a damaging effect on wood if not protected.

Damp can also quickly develop in the bathroom, so when buying a tall bathroom cupboard or tall storage cabinets you want to ensure there is enough space for condensation to circulate and escape. While opening a window will be helpful, you need to ensure you have an extractor fan that will remove the damp moisture from the air. If you do not have sufficient ventilation, then consider the materials of the products you want to purchase.

Find Space For Storage

Your bathroom cabinets may not offer enough room for all the toiletries you need, especially if there is more than one person using it on a regular basis.

The bathroom will look cluttered and unattractive if there are too many bottles and tubs lying around, so invest in small bathroom storage cabinets or taller alternatives if you have the space.

It’s Time To Go Shopping

Once you have a clear idea of the style, shape and colour you want to order and the size of each piece, then the fun really begins. Pop onto our website to see what catches your eye and you can start to weight up your favourite picks to see what works best with your budget. Many of the items in our store offer free delivery because we know that every penny counts when you are updating your bathroom.