Best Colour For Fences In Small Gardens

Best Colour For Fences In Small Gardens

We’ve all seen those ideal pictures of a house with a large garden and the perfect garden fence. However, no landscaping is complete without a proper fence around the boundary. Whether you have a small garden or a large area, a nice fence can help achieve the ideal garden look! You’ll also be able to effectively mark your outdoor space and lay better claim to your property.

However, one of the most common issues people have after installing a fence is that it often makes their garden look too small. That can occur due to an oversight in garden design, or you just weren’t particularly careful when picking the size.

It isn’t the end of the world, though. You can still rely on fence paint to make your garden look larger. A lot of people use the same sort of trick with rooms, so it wouldn’t be far off to suggest that it’d work for gardens.

Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about picking a fence paint color that makes your garden look bigger

Why does fence paint colour matter?

Many people tend to underestimate the importance of the garden fence paint when setting up their outdoor space. Most people want to go for the traditional garden feel that a white picket fence manages to provide very effectively. While others will simply try to match the fence paint with any outdoor decking that might be present in their house.

These are both valid techniques, but white fence paint may have the opposite effect if you have a small garden. It’s also important to ensure that the fence paint matches up with your garden furniture. You don’t want to end up having a fence that clashes with the rest of the furniture in your garden.

Also, if you’re attempting a DIY, it’s important that you know how to paint effectively. If you feel like you’re going to do a messy job, it’s best to leave the painting to the professionals.

Now that you have a fair understanding of why picking the right fence colour matters. Let’s move on to the various colour options that are available.

What colour fence paint makes a garden look bigger?

Many people are under the misconception that a white picket fence will make your garden look bigger. However, that’s often not the case. While there are plenty of colours that will make your garden look bigger, white isn’t one of them.

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular colour choices and why they’ll make your garden look larger.


The fact that green is among the colour fence paints that make your garden look bigger should surprise no one. It’s no big revelation that green would blend effectively with your garden rather than breaking it up.

If you really want to give the impression that your garden stretches on forever and gives a larger-than-life look, then green hues are the way to go!

The colour green is also a great choice because it doesn’t restrict your creativity. There are so many different shades to choose between. You should also take the primary shade of your garden into account when picking the colour.

If you want a more traditional look from your garden, then a lighter shade of green will work wonders. However, dark green will also work well if you want a bolder look. All shades of green will complement the existing shade of your garden and simultaneously make your garden look bigger.

Green is also a fairly neutral colour and will work with most of your garden furniture and decking. There’s no colour that clashes horribly with green, so it’s a fairly safe bet for your garden fence.


It might seem like a bold and aggressive choice to some. However, black is a fairly neutral tone. The colour will make your garden look much more open as the greens and different colours will stand out effectively.

Due to the colour having a bit more edge than lighter tones, a black fence can make your garden feel more open and modern. It’ll provide a lot more definition to your outdoor space as well because the perimeter will become evident.

It’ll also ensure that the garden is the focal point of your outdoor space. Bright colours can often end up taking away from your garden space. A black fence will certainly help define the space.

A lot of people tend to stay away from a lack of colour scheme because they start worrying about their decking and garden furniture. But, as we’ve mentioned before, that’s generally not the case. Black is a neutral tone and will help elevate the small garden look. Your dainty little garden will effectively turn into a modern space.

Suppose your garden ideas revolve around a lot of colours and many different flowers. In that case, a black background will definitely make the multiple colours pop.

Light Blue

Not everyone is a fan of dark tones in their garden, which is why light blue is a great colour choice. It’s a light and airy shade that's reflective like most bright colours.

However, the hint of blue helps add more depth to the colour. The additional depth is what’ll make your small garden feel much larger.

It’s also the ideal colour for a garden fence if you live in a coastal area. You can have a fun DIY job and paint the fence light blue and white. There are several options available, and you don’t have to worry about matching.

Light blue works well with both lighter and darker shades of furniture. You might have to find a decking that compliments the colour to get the best possible look, though.

A light blue fence is a good idea if you enjoy hosting outdoor events. The colour has a calming and fun quality that can help elevate the atmosphere at barbecues or other outdoor events.

Light blue can make your space feel relaxing, open, and airy. If you have a garden shed, then it’s a good idea to paint it the same colour to ensure it matches the fence.


Fans of more traditional colour schemes will for sure enjoy the look and feel of a cream fence. A cream fence paint colour will help give your garden a bright and rustic feel.

A cream shade will work brilliantly if you enjoy a more traditional feel out of your garden. Not only will it make your garden feel more open, but the shade will also serve as the ideal backdrop for your flowers.

If your garden has a lot of colourful flowers, then the cream will really make their colours prominent. It’ll definitely make your garden a favourite Instagram spot among your friends.

Aside from helping the colours pop and give your garden a more airy vibe, the cream will also provide a sense of tranquillity to the space. Its neutral tones will help create a very relaxing atmosphere.

If you want your outdoor space to be a place where you can relax and enjoy a book in the garden, a cream shade is a way to go!

Natural Wood Shades

Another effective way to make your garden look bigger is by using more natural wood shades for your garden fence. These will make your space look more open while providing a decent backdrop for your flowers and garden as well.

Natural wood shades will also save you the trouble of repainting every now and then. Sure the colour might eventually fade, but it won‘t deteriorate at the same rate. They're an ideal long-term fence choice if you don‘t experience a lot of rain.

Another advantage to using natural wood shades is that they match well with anything. So whether you‘re using cool grey furniture or white, everything works well with neutral wood tones.

Cool Grey

Another modern choice for your fence colour paint is a cool grey tone. The colour retains the depth of grey, while the cool tone helps provide a more open feel. It‘s a misconception that darker tones like grey will make a garden space feel more enclosed. However, it couldn‘t be further from the truth when done tastefully.

A shade will make your garden area feel more sophisticated. Suppose you manage to pair the decking and garden furniture well. In that case, your garden will give off a classy vibe. If you have a shed area, you can really elevate the look with some hanging baskets that have cute climbers.

You shouldn‘t be afraid of dark colours when trying to make your garden look bigger. They work exceptionally well with a number of other colours and will look exceptional if you have more garden accessories. For example, something like a fire pit works really well with darker tones.

Soft Pink

A soft pink or Cuprinol shade is quickly becoming fairly popular in modern homes. If you have a small garden area and you want it to feel bigger, this soft shade of pink is a great option.

The benefit of light colour shades like these is that they‘ll blur the garden's boundaries. Because they don‘t have a very bold presence, it often becomes challenging to determine the actual perimeter of the garden. As a result, that can help make the whole area seem much larger.

While Cuprinol is a fairly neutral tone, that‘ll work well with most colours. However, those that are feeling a bit daring can definitely go for lighter pink. It can provide the same impact, but it definitely stands out a lot more.

Avoid Bright Colours

These are some of the shades that work well at ensuring that your garden area feels bigger. One common characteristic that all these colours share is that none of them is bright.

Brighter shades and tones are easy to spot and can easily define your garden's perimeter. On top of that, brighter colours often give the effect that they’re coming closer to you!

When you’re using darker or softer shades, it has the opposite impact. It doesn’t mean you stay away from brighter colours and just stick to dark grey.

It’s completely safe to pick bright colours, but it’s essential to ensure that they’re safer tones.

Other Tips to Make Your Garden Look Bigger

Aside from painting the garden fence, there are a few other tips that can help you make the garden look bigger. Following these tips in combination with a new fence colour can really make a difference to the size of your garden.

Here’s a breakdown of the few methods that you can use to make your garden look bigger.

Eliminate any Clutter

If you’re dealing with a small garden area, one of the factors that can make it look smaller is a lot of clutter. It all starts out with one pot, and then you end up buying multiple. Then, add in a few benches and a statue, and you’re left with barely any room to move around.

It can be tempting to fill up your garden with intricate furniture, but it’s important to remember the distinction between cosy and claustrophobic.

For open spaces, it’s always better to have minimal amounts of furniture. That can help effectively ensure that your garden looks much more open.

If you want your space to seem as large as possible, the best idea is to go for a more minimalist aesthetic. Then, if you can maintain lower amounts of clutter, the garden space will remain open.

Keep the Furniture Small

If you want your garden to look as large as possible, it’s a good idea to keep the furniture small. A large fountain in the middle of your garden will completely overwhelm your small garden.

A large bench or very large pots will also make the space seem much smaller. Ideally, you should invest in garden furniture that’s compact. Folding furniture is an even better idea. You can store away the furniture when you need to make your garden look bigger.

Larger Plants Help

While larger furniture might be problematic, larger plants can help expand the overall area and make it seem much larger.

A lot of small plants in multiple little pots will create a lot of clutter. On the other hand, a few large plants will provide a much classier aesthetic. They’ll also make it seem like there’s a lot more garden in a smaller area.

Invest in some Garden Mirrors

A fairly modern way of making your garden look larger than it is is by using mirrors. You can make your garden look significantly larger by strategically placed mirrors.

Using these mirrors around the corners or other points in the perimeter to make everything seem larger. They’re one of the best ways to effectively make your garden larger.

Invest in Vertical Space

Another effective technique you can use to make the most out of your garden area is taking advantage of the vertical space. You can make the most out of the area by planting tall and thin trees.

Another option is to use hanging baskets in a nice colour to get the best possible results. If you have a shed or a roof, then you invest in climbers and learn more about how to effectively grow a vertical garden.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

An alternative option that you can use to make your garden look larger is by taking advantage of natural light. You can do this by using lightly coloured paving stones or tiles. Even rocks can help reflect everything properly.

Light colours can definitely play a reflective role and make everything seem very open.

Change the Layout

You can also make a difference by changing the entire layout of the garden. Essentially, you can just hide your garden behind another area to make it seem larger.

It can give the sensation that your garden is an area that you should explore.

Be Smart About Storage

If you have a small garden area, then it’s not a good idea to invest in a really large storage shed. You can’t leave your garden tools and excess furniture lying around, so what options are available?

While something like wheelie bins can do the job, they can ruin the aesthetic of your garden. Alternatively, you could hang up some shelves to help with garden storage and get some cute containers. Not only will it improve your storage options, but it’ll also make your garden look cuter.

How to paint your fence yourself?

One of the best things about doing your fence again is that it’s fairly easy to make it a DIY project. It’s fairly simple and non-complex.

If your fence is already installed, then there’s no need to take them out. Instead, you can start painting while they’re already in place. On top of that, all you need is to get some primer.

Use the primer on the fence first to ensure that the paint sticks properly. Using primer in the first place is unnecessary, but it’ll definitely help the coat stay in place better.

After installing the primer, the coat of paint will stick on much better. Once you finish up the painting, you’ll need to wait for it to dry first. When it finishes drying, you can put up a second coat for better measure. The second coat will help create a much nicer finisher.

Once the second coat is dry, just paint over a protective covering to make everything last longer. Make sure that you apply the paint evenly, though.

If you don’t feel confident enough in your skills, then it’s always a good idea to hire a professional. It can be challenging to get the shade you desire without painting properly.


If you have a small garden, it doesn’t mean that it‘s the end of the world. There are plenty of colour options that you can pick to make your garden seem larger.

It’s a good idea to stick with larger, more neutral tones, so you get the best possible results. Aside from that, making sure that you don’t have a lot of clutter in your garden, taking advantage of vertical space, and strategically placing garden mirrors can bring your space to life!