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For homes that want to share the luxurious comfort that comes with a reclining leather or fabric chair, our recliner sofa range offers the perfect solution. With both 2 and 3-seater options available they can take up pride of place in both larger and compact living spaces, giving you a uniquely designed sofa that allows you to unwind with friends and family.

A recliner sofa can be placed in an entertainment or living room, so whether you want to watch a film or TV, take time out with your favourite book, or just relax in peace and quiet after a long, hard day, you have complete freedom to do just as you please. When it comes to taking some time out and forgetting about everything else, nothing quite beats a reclining sofa.

Recliner sofas for friends and family

Our Palermo sofa range is available in both 2 and 3 seater varieties, providing comfort that envelops you so you feel like you are sinking into a reclining pillow. The padded arm rests allow you to enjoy the feeling of luxury as you tilt back to your favourite angle. Both sizes are available in brown, grey or black leather, making it easy to match to your existing interior design. Perfect for use in the living room or entertainment room, you can now take your relaxation time to a whole new level.

Enjoy the feeling of ultimate comfort that comes with investing in our Boston range of 2 or 3 seater sofas. Available in black, brown or grey, they bring stylish comfort for up to three people to enjoy together. They are a manual recliner that responds to the touch of button to take you into the ultimate relaxation position. Choose between a fabric or leather recliner sofa and discover how this special piece of furniture can transform your living room.

Why we love recliner sofas

Reclining sofas are a great stress reliever, and can help relieve the stress and aches that come with work. Whether you are lifting heavy items all or day, or sat in front of a computer, a recliner chair or sofa can take the pressure off the neck, shoulders and arms thanks to the increased levels of comfort it provides. A reclining sofa also offers back support, so all you have to worry about is how long you want to stay seated.

When you switch to a recliner sofa it can also help to improve blood circulation. If you suffer from blood circulation issues, or have been standing on your feet for a long period of time, a recliner can let you take the weight off and rebalance circulation. This can be particularly helpful for people of a certain age, but also a healthy option for everyone in the home, no matter their stage of life.

Just as importantly, a recliner sofa can become the centrepiece in the part of a home designed simply for relaxing. We all need some downtime and a leather or fabric recliner is an investment in yourself as much as anything else. Set it to the angle that suits you best, settle in with a blanket and let yourself get carried away with only taking care of yourself for a while.

We make it easy to find the perfect recliner sofa

When searching for a recliner sofa for your home, one of the most important factors to consider is the space available in the room. Not only do you have to consider the dimensions of the sofa when in its upright position, but also when it has been reclined. Ensure there is enough space behind the furniture so as not to restrict the tilt. If the bonded leather or fabric consistently rubs up against a wall or surface it could produce higher levels of wear and tear, so ensure there is always a gap of at least 4-5 inches between the back of the sofa and an item behind.

At Furniture Maxi we provide clear dimensions for all of the recliner sofas featured on our website. You can use these to measure the space in the room so you can assess how large the sofa needs to be. Also take into consideration other elements such as how close to the TV the sofa will be, coffee tables and anything else that takes up space in the immediate area. Planning ahead for your purchase ensures when it arrives at your door it can easily slip into position and there are no delays in starting to enjoy it.

Whatever type of recliner you choose to buy we are confident you'll love it once delivered. The living room is a central part of any home and it's important the sofa offers the comfort you need. We take time to handpick the best recliner sofas for you to select from and are always searching for new ways to improve your experience shopping with us.

To give you more flexibility over how you pay for your recliner sofa, you have the option to use our special repayment system called Klarna. It enables you to divide the price into three equal instalments, with the first due at the checkout. We despatch the furniture to you as normal, with fixed dates set for the repayment of the remaining amount. It gives you greater control over your budget and because there is no interest added on, you only ever pay the price quoted at checkout.