Coffee Tables

Every living room needs a centrepiece. Something that connects the various elements of the room, while also offering practical use. That is especially true of a coffee table. Whether of the more traditional wood variety, or a modern glass coffee table, they fill the space, provide a place to put down refreshments, TV controls, reading glasses and countless other items you need to-hand when sitting down and relaxing.

Yet as practical as coffee tables can be, they also need to be stylish and just right to fit into your lifestyle. Furniture Maxi has a variety of coffee tables to choose from – so whether you are looking for a mirrored glass coffee table, something a little more traditional, or a sleek modern coffee table, you’ll find everything you need right here.

From dark wood styles that add class and elegance, to white gloss coffee table designs that inject more light into the room, our collection is intended to give you the broadest choice possible.

Storage is an ongoing issue for many homes, with cupboards, attics and spare rooms slowly filling with unwanted items. The same is also true for the living room and to keep it organised and tidy you need to ensure there is a place for everything. That’s one of the best benefits of buying a storage coffee table, where you can keep magazines, books, pens, notepads and anything else that gets left lying round for future use.

Or for something that really gives you fantastic value for money, you could take a closer look at our lift up coffee table. The contemporary design makes it a standout for any home and it comes with a mechanical lifting lid that adds height, so if you want to work on your laptop, or eat a meal, you can do so without having to lean over uncomfortably. Be sure to make the best use of the hidden storage space to keep the living room from looking too messy.

For a more neutral style that complements any type of decor, a white, black or grey coffee table will easily blend into the surroundings. These are timeless colours that make it easy to redecorate in the room, without having to worry about buying a new coffee table just because you have changed the wallpaper or added a new coat of paint.

Whatever you need for the living room, Furniture Maxi has got you covered. Our coffee tables are well priced and made from high-quality materials, always meeting your expectation levels. Take a look at our collection in more detail as we are always adding new styles to make it easier to find the right one for you.