Velvet Sofas

The living room serves as one of the most important spaces in any home. It's a place of comfort and escape that allows you to unwind after a long day, where you can just as easily switch on the TV, pick up a book or close your eyes for 40 winks. Whatever you choose to do the sofa you buy will play an important role in letting you settle in and relax in the way that suits you best.

One of the most luxurious and affordable choices you can make for your living is to invest in a velvet sofa. Whatever type of interior design and décor you have in place, Furniture Maxi have a range of colour options to help you strike the perfect balance. The combination of beautifully crafted upholstery and plush cushion seating ensure you will have a sumptuous comfy sofa to enjoy for years to come.

A velvet sofa is ideal for both traditional and contemporary spaces, bringing individual style and elegance to any living room. Velvet furniture such as our Chesterfield sofa range are refined and comfortable, the clean lines and refined shape adding real grace. Or take a look at our Russell 2 seater sofa range the merges classic style with a contemporary twist.

Velvet is a luxury for any home

The sofa furniture you choose will depend on the space you have available. Larger homes with expansive living rooms and family requirements will look for a spacious 3 seater that offers room for everyone to relax. A 2 seater sofa may be more suitable for compact rooms, so floor space can be maximised and the sofa itself doesn't feel too imposing or dominant.

There may also be a perception that buying a velvet sofa is too expensive. But in today's age, that is no longer the case and they are attainable and affordable options for all kinds of homes. At the same time, you still get to enjoy all the opulence a velvet sofa will offer, the beautifully textured material giving you the confidence to sink further into its confines.

Some of our 2 seat sofa pieces can also double up as a sofa bed, so if a guest spending the night needs a place to lay their head it offers the perfect place to sleep. It gives you even more value for money and greater flexibility of use, making it adaptable to your lifestyle and preferences. After all, it's your home, and the more practical your sofa is, the more you will benefit.

Why we love velvet sofas

At Furniture Maxi we are big fans of velvet sofas because they have so much to offer. Their timeless appeal means they won't look dated in a matter of a few years, so whether you go for a grey, blue or green velvet sofa it will stand the test of time and adapt to your new interior choices.

A velvet sofa rarely clashes with other styles of fabrics and materials, giving you greater control over how you design your living room. Whether it's in a contemporary space with minimal décor and exposed light bulbs, or in a more traditional setting with conventional accessories, they have a warm and inviting appeal. Add on additional layers to the sofa to really personalise it as your own, blending the together textures and colour palettes that look and feel truly unique.

Another thing that is great about owning a velvet sofa is they are one of the cosiest styles around. When you want to huddle up under a blanket with the heating on and light a few candles, the textured feel of the material is hard to beat. Whether you're alone or with someone you can cuddle up with, it will soon become your favourite relaxing spot in the house.

There can also be a perception that a velvet sofa may not be practical for the family home. However, because the material does not feature loose threads or raised weaves it is much harder to snag, which is great news for pet owners. Velvet has flat pile similar to what you'd see on a rug, ensuring the material is extremely durable. This makes cleaning much easier too, as dirt is much easier to brush away for the surface.

To clean velvet, simply use a vacuum with an upholstery attachment, or alternatively gently brush it each week to clear away any dirt. This will allow the material to retain its wonderful sheen and keep the velvet sofa looking great in your home.