7 Seater Rattan Furniture

Whether you want to dine outdoors, relax in warm weather, or just expand your living space to include the garden, 7 seater garden sofa sets should be close to the top of your shopping list. Rattan garden furniture options are wide and varied, with everything from sun loungers and day beds, to traditional sofas and dining sets. Rattan garden sets remain one of the most popular, giving homeowners a fantastic range of uses that allow them to make the most of their investment.


A 7 seater rattan sofa set can either be a modular lounge set including separate 2-4 seater pieces and armchairs, a fixed L-shape corner sofa or a multi-seat dining table and chairs set. It all depends on what you want to get out of your garden space and how you intend to use it across the year. And as with any rattan garden furniture set, the great thing is there is no limitation on what can be done with it, transforming the way you live.

Vancouver 7 Seater Rattan Garden Sofa Set In Grey
Save £216.00
Vancouver 7 Seater Rattan Garden Sofa Set In Black
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Vancouver 7 Seater Rattan Garden Sofa Set In Brown
Save £230.00
Vancouver 7 Seater Rattan Garden Sofa Set In Brown

£869.99 £1,099.99

  • Brown with Rain Cover
Lotus 7 Seater Rattan Garden Cube Set In Grey
Save £100.00

Furniture for use all year round

At Furniture Maxi, all our rattan garden furniture is made from PE rattan - the best kind of rattan there is. Like most kinds of outdoor furniture, 7 seater garden sets tend to be used during the warmer months of the year, as people venture out into the garden to enjoy warmer temperatures once the rain and cold starts to become less frequent in the spring.

But it is important to remember that rattan garden furniture of any kind is intended for use all year round, so if you have indoor spaces that can accommodate it, bringing it inside is never a bad idea. This may be easier if you have a conservatory or orangery, because as long as you have good heating in these spaces, it can be used as another entertaining space during late autumn and winter.


Of course, not everyone has that kind of extension in their home, so bringing the furniture inside may prove a little more tricky. You may be able to find room for individual chairs in the living room or dining areas indoors, but if you have no internal storage space – or extra room in the garage – the furniture may have to live outside all year long. In those circumstances you need to think about protection and how you will maintain its condition.

Is rattan garden furniture good quality?

Because we only use PE rattan for our rattan garden furniture sets, it guarantees that you are buying the best type of rattan available. So whether you have purchased a 7 seat corner sofa set, coffee table, bistro set or anything else, as long as you deal with the basic maintenance requirements, it should last for years to come.

PE rattan is weatherproof, which is particularly useful in the UK given the unpredictability of the weather. That means protection against wind, rain, snow, frost and UV rays if the furniture Is left exposed to the elements. But like any material you will see more signs of wear and tear if you do not use furniture covers, so they make for a worthwhile addition to increase the longevity of your rattan.

Aside from the strong weave that provides support and the comfortable back cushions that make each seat feel so relaxing, the steel frames used in each sofa piece also guarantee a great experience. It’s why we provide a 3-year frame warranty with every purchase, so you have every assurance that the product will stand the test of time.

While the rattan can withstand certain levels of exposure to the elements, the back and seat cushions on a rattan garden sofa should be removed whenever the furniture is not in use for extended periods of time. If the cushions receive too much rainfall they can become waterlogged which will ruin the colour and character of the material, so always bring these inside whenever possible.

There’s more than just sofas and chairs

Rattan is so incredibly diverse in how it can be used, that while 7 seater sofas and dining sets dominate the conversation, the material has so much more to give. It’s why we’re able to offer such an exciting range of garden furniture pieces that can be used in and around the home, so you have more options in how you use your domestic spaces.

Glass top coffee tables are a vital piece of the rattan puzzle that make outdoor living that bit more convenient. Where else would you put your bits and bobs you need to hand when relaxing? They offer the perfect place to put snacks and refreshments, books, magazines, sunglasses and anything else you want to keep within arm’s reach.

The tight rattan weave is supported by a strong powder-coated metal frame, ensuring rust resistance and a sturdy, stable surface. The PE wicker is easy to clean, and like all rattan, protected against exposure to UV rays and light water damage. The tempered glass top is beautiful and sleek, and to ensure you can maintain good hygiene levels, very easy to clean.

Rattan side tables also prove to be just as useful. So whether you are laying back on a sunlounger or seated in an armchair, you have a spot to put down your essentials. They do not weigh much which makes them easy to move around to a new location, and you still get to enjoy the many benefits that rattan has to offer.

Adding to your outdoor experience

The time you spend away from work and your other responsibilities is incredibly important. Your garden space is a sanctuary away from the stresses of the world and is a private area where you and the people most important to you can unwind without worry for a while. It’s why the rattan garden furniture sets you buy have to be up to standard and able to meet your requirements.

Rattan is such a versatile material that it looks great anywhere both indoors and outdoors, and gives you many more options to expand your living space. Whether you place it on decking, balcony, patio or out on the lawn, it’s all about complementing your lifestyle at home. Even better if you have a firepit or heater lamps that keep you toasty later into the night – it means as autumn or even winter kicks in, you can still spend time outdoors without being put off by the weather.

Turning your garden into an extension of your home is really the ultimate goal of most homeowners. After all, why have a garden if you don’t make the most of it? Having your own little haven to look forward to will be just what you need – and deserve - on the weekend or at the end of a long hard day at work, or after dealing with all your household responsibilities.

When to buy rattan garden furniture

Whatever you have your eye on – be it a footstool, table and chairs set, garden table or perhaps a larger investment – like most furniture there are certain times of the year when you can secure great prices. Spring is when most new sets for the season start to appear in retailer’s websites and showrooms and you may be able to pick up some good early deals.

Even if you are not ready to use the furniture just yet, it’s never a bad idea to take advantage of a good deal when they are available. It means that when you do have the chance to relax in your garden, you’ll be able to enjoy wonderful new garden furniture sets along with your friends and family.

Good deals can also appear in late autumn and winter, as the summer months have disappeared and fewer people are looking to buy. But if you own a conservatory or orangery with a good heating system, this is a great time to invest in rattan furniture, as it extends your opportunity to entertain long into the winter. Even if you don’t have these kind of property extensions, as long as you buy a furniture cover, you can buy ahead for next spring and store the furniture outdoors safe in the knowledge it is protected.

The important thing to remember is not to let deal hunting dictate when you buy your rattan furniture. First and foremost is your need for it, so even if it is the middle of summer, it doesn’t make any sense to wait and miss out on the opportunity to transform your garden. It’s why Furniture Maxi offer great deals all-year round, so no matter when you want to make that change, you can buy as and when you need to.

And it’s not just great prices and fantastic quality rattan furniture we have to offer. Every outdoor garden set comes with a 3-year frame warranty for added protection. You can pay using Klarna, which allows you to spread out your payments without paying any extra interest – and delivery is completely free to a single UK mainland address, saving you even more money.