Rattan Outdoor Dining Sets

 When it comes to outdoor dining furniture, it needs to be both stylish and able to withstand ongoing use out in the open, ensuring you enjoy real value for money. Whether it's for the family or for regularly entertaining friends and guests, you want to ensure it lasts not just for this summer, but for many more to come.

Our patio dining furniture range ticks all of these boxes, giving you more freedom in the garden and enabling you to make full use of the space. Garden dining is for all types of weather, especially if you own an orangery or conservatory, as it can easily be brought inside to create another cosy eating space for everyone to enjoy.

Purchasing a dining set for the garden is not something you should rush into, as it's a long-term investment that require you to weigh up the pros and cons of each option.

Outdoor dining set considerations

Firstly, think about the space available for your garden furniture. Corner sofa outdoor dining sets can help open up the space around it, which is ideal for compact outdoor areas. Round outdoor furniture can also create the illusion of more space being available, which is important as you do not want to feel cramped while relaxing outside.

Consider how many people will use the garden furniture on a regular basis. This covers the number of seats and dining space you'll need and how the overall dimensions fit into the garden area you have to use. A larger dining set will be suitable for anyone who enjoys hosting, and for large and growing families, ensuring everyone has a seat at the dining table.

When you buy outdoor rattan dining sets, maintenance is not something you have to worry about too much. This is because the material hails from tropical countries which means it has natural weather resistant properties. It's the perfect fit for the UK given the unpredictable nature of our climate - even during the summer.

At Furniture Maxi we use premium rattan that offers high levels of protection against UV rays, so it doesn't crack or discolour in a short space of time. It can also withstand being exposed to rain showers and other types of weather, so you won't have to worry about bringing it back inside during off-season.

One final thing to consider about your patio dining furniture is the colour. Our collection of rattan dining sets are in eye-catching neutral tones such as grey, brown and black, which are a natural fit for outdoor spaces. When alfresco dining you want to ensure the colours suit the environment, so take time to think about the overall aesthetic for the outdoor area.

Luxury for every occasion

One thing you can be assured of when buying a rattan dining set is that they are both light and durable. That gives you more control over where you position it, allowing you to change the set-up without too much effort involved. Yet the material is very strong and able to stand up against the stresses and strains of regular use. This is great news for homes with young children and pets, meaning the garden dining set can maintain its good looks for longer.

Rattan garden furniture sets can be used for any meal time, or just as an area to sit and relax and unwind. Whether It's a morning breakfast outside as the sun is just appearing high in the sky, a lunch time catch up with a friend, or a meal shared with dinner and/or friends in the evening, there really is no limit at all.

You'll love the plush, thick cream cushions and spacious seating each of our rattan sets provide. Even if every seat is taken up you'll never feel squashed in, meaning you can spread out and relax without a care in the world. It's exactly what you need during your downtime, and means both adults and children get the right amount of space to unwind.

The aluminium frame that provides that firm structure of each set is also powder coated. This ensures longevity and reduces the wear and tear that takes place naturally over time. Scratches and marks are less likely to appear, keeping the furniture looking better for longer.

Rattan ensures long-term value

Rattan garden dining furniture is favoured by many households because of the light upkeep required. Compared to a timber patio dining set, which often needs quite a lot of care and attention, rattan sets do not need anywhere near the same level of hard work. All that is required is the occasional wipe down with warm soapy water and the garden furniture can be left outside to dry naturally.

Even when left outside for long periods of time during high summer, the natural weather resistance properties offers protection against rain, snow, frost and UV rays. That has a direct impact on how long your rattan garden dining set lasts. Value for money is a key factor to consider when making such an important purchasing decision and PE rattan offers real assurances.

Of course, you may want additional protection for your rattan seats and garden table. Take a look at our waterproof outdoor furniture covers which are designed to keep dirt, dust and other debris off the rattan when not in use. They also provide additional shielding against the elements and make it less likely you will have to worry about bringing your garden dining set inside during off-season.

When you buy an outdoor rattan dining sets with Furniture Maxi, we also offer flexibility when it comes to payment. You can opt to buy now and pay later, using our Klarna repayment plan service. It means you can receive your brand new furniture as normal, while spreading the cost over a fixed period of time, without having to pay any interest.