Rattan Cube Sets

If sun loungers, corner sofas and rattan dining sets are not your style, then cube rattan garden furniture could be just what you are looking for. It gives you a unique and timeless aesthetic that looks great on decking, lawns, close to outdoor patio doors and inside conservatories. Thanks to the comfortable seat cushion and strong support, these high-quality sets offer long-lasting usage and give you an entirely new perspective on your garden.


At Furniture Maxi we use PE rattan on all our seat cube furniture. From footstools and parasols, to large 8 seater sofas and garden bistro sets, our superior rattan means you get to enjoy your furniture for longer. Cube rattan garden furniture looks amazing in any surrounding and fits perfectly into both modern and traditional settings, complementing your current garden design to make the space feel even more enticing to spend time in.

You can use your cube set for any number of activities, whether it’s taking it easy or entertaining friends and family. We’re always offering great deals on cube rattan garden furniture and can’t sing its praises enough – read on to see what it can bring to your home and lifestyle.

Eton Rattan Garden 8 Seater Cube Set In Brown
Eton Rattan Garden 8 Seater Cube Set In Brown

£429.99 £629.99

  • Brown No Rain Cover
  • Brown with Rain Cover
Eton Rattan Garden 8 Seater Cube Set In Black
Eton Rattan Garden 8 Seater Cube Set In Black

£439.99 £569.99

  • Black No Rain Cover
  • Black with Rain Cover

Space saving solution

Space is such a precious commodity in any home, both indoors and outdoors. The longer you stay in one place, the less space you tend to have as your lifestyle expands to fill in the gaps and storage areas you have around the home. But when it comes to indoor spaces like the living room you don’t want it to become cluttered and that’s the same principal you should apply to the garden.

Rattan cube furniture provides a great solution here, as they are designed to help you make the most of your available space. Cube garden furniture works well in both large and small gardens and allows you to utilise your floor space for other activities when not in use. All you need to do is fold the back of the chair to create the cube shape and they will easily slide underneath the table to save on space. So once you have finished eating or sitting and relaxing, you still get full use of your floor space without feeling restricted.


Outdoor entertaining

Spring and summer are the best times of the year to enjoy alfresco dining and an outdoor cube dining set really brings the idea to life. Most products come as a 4 seater rattan cube dining set, which combines seats and additional stools. This means you don’t have to spend more money on extra seating and you can entertain a larger amount of people when needed.

So whether you want to place your cube patio furniture to sit on outdoor decking, a balcony, inside an orangery or conservatory, or just on the patio, the choice is always yours. Even if you are not big on entertaining and inviting people round for barbecues, a cube garden set is still a great option. You can use it for the family to enjoy their meals throughout the day and if you have enough space there’s no need to worry about folding down and moving the chairs out of the way.

Winter storage

Another great reason to invest in a rattan cube set is because of the storage options it offers during the winter season. Unless you have a good heating system in a conservatory or orangey, there’s a good chance that your rattan furniture won’t be used from November through to March as it becomes a lot colder outside. You are then left with the conundrum of what to do with your furniture, especially if you do not have any room to store it indoors.

This is where a cube patio set holds a big advantage. As we explained above, it can be folded down to minimise its footprint and save space. The same principal applies to storage, which can make a huge difference to what you do with a rattan garden cube set during the winter. This type of rattan furniture can be much easier to store in a garage or other indoor space, which removes any worries of damage being caused by exposure to frost and moisture.

Timeless style

Rattan cube sets have their own unique style unlike any other type of outdoor furnishing. In fact, when it comes to outdoor furniture design, there aren’t many timeless pieces to choose from – especially when it comes to sofas – that will look just as good in 5-10 years’ time as they do right now. Garden cube furniture straddles the line between traditional and modern styles, which is why they are so adaptable and easy to fit into any kind of outdoor aesthetic. It’s part of what makes a rattan cube garden set such a great investment, because as long as the furniture is taken care of it will stand the test of time.

Having that sort of timeless style in the garden will also help to save you money in the long run. Because a cube rattan garden furniture set is so adaptable to its surrounding environment, even if you want to freshen things up, changing the furniture will be the last thing to consider. Rattan cube garden furniture comes in neutral colours like brown, white, black and grey, and combined with their easy-going design, they never look out of place.


As with many other pieces of rattan furniture, a garden furniture cube set also provides the natural weather protection you need for long-term use. Rattan comes from hot tropical countries, so it grows in extreme temperatures and is also exposed to large downpours of rain. While the UK doesn’t get anywhere near the same amount of sun, it certainly compares in terms of rainfall, which makes rattan such a great match for these isles.

Whether you buy a rattan cube dining set or rattan garden cube sofa set, you’ll benefit from the weatherproof protection offered by the material. While you should avoid leaving the material exposed to long periods of extreme weather, cube outdoor furniture will be naturally durable enough to stand up to the elements on most occasions.

Eco friendly

Climate awareness has become one of the most important issues in the world and will remain at the forefront of everyone’s thinking for the foreseeable future. It means we all have to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint either directly or indirectly by thinking about the way we use resources and the type of products we buy.

When you buy a cube rattan dining set or another piece of rattan furniture you can feel safe in the knowledge you are making an eco-friendly choice. Natural rattan is a sustainable material compared to wood, because it does not require the cutting down of whole trees. In some cases, entire forests are cleared to create wooden furniture. While trees will eventually grow back, the length of time it takes isn’t always sustainable. On the other hand, rattan is plant, so only vines are cut down to access to the raw material. The forest can remain intact and rattan fields will grow back at a much faster rate compared to timber.

Every cube rattan garden furniture set also features a metal frame that can be recycled. So when the furniture does eventually reach the end of its lifespan you can consider recycle the frame instead of sending it to the landfill. This is an important point because landfills are one of the biggest contributors to current carbon emission rates, so it helps to avoid sending items there whenever possible.

Low maintenance

When it comes to maintenance and care, cube garden table and chairs do not require much effort at all (which is also the case for all our rattan furniture pieces). Thanks to its natural weather-resistant properties, rattan garden cube furniture can be left to its own devices for the vast majority of the year, which is a big plus point. One of the main reasons for buying outdoor furniture is to make the most of your time off, so maintenance and repair work shouldn’t be something you have to think about too often. So whether you buy a corner sofa, coffee table or armchairs for an existing set you can relax without worrying too much about taking time out to fix broken parts.

And when the time arrives to give your rattan sofa or patio furniture a clean it really couldn’t be easier to do. Rattan is an extremely easy material to clean, needing only warm soapy water to keep your cube set in good condition. Start with a quick dust and brush down of the surface to clear away any dirt and you can use a soft sponge to remove any marks or stains that appear over time The frequency of your cleaning routine will vary depending on when and how often the furniture is used, but generally it’s definitely not something that should have to be done on a weekly basis.