6 Seater Garden Rattan Furniture

Adapt the space to your needs

Whether you are thinking of buying a 6 seater garden set or any other type of rattan garden furniture, you will likely have an image in your mind that you want to bring to life. But it is important to be aware that the dimensions and type of garden space you have available may not be perfectly suited to your vision, so as you plan try to be adaptable to the changing circumstances.


For example, if you have your mind set on a large dining set for the family to enjoy during the summer, once you have taken measurements you may not be able to fit in the size you want. Similarly, your budget may not allow you to invest in the type of garden dining set you wanted. But the good news is, thanks to rattan’s versatility, there are always plenty of alternative options to choose from.

So if you can’t get the corner sofa to work in the outdoor space, why not invest in modular sofa sets that can be configured into any lay out you need. They will come with 3 or 4 seater sofas and individual arm chairs, as well as a coffee table and a footstool. The beauty of rattan furniture is its ability to give you new ideas and ways to use your garden, so if you can’t achieve the set-up you want at first, the alternative will prove to be just as ideal.

Vancouver 6 Seater Modular Rattan Sofa Set In Grey
Vancouver 6 Seater Modular Rattan Sofa Set In Grey

Delivered in 3-5 Working Days

£599.99 £829.99

  • Grey No Rain Cover
  • Grey with Rain Cover
Vancouver 6 Seater Modular Rattan Sofa Set In Black
Vancouver 6 Seater Modular Rattan Sofa Set In Black

Delivered in 1-3 Working Days

£529.99 £649.99

  • Black with Rain Cover
Monaco Ice Bucket 6 Seater Rattan Corner Sofa Set
Monaco Ice Bucket 6 Seater Rattan Corner Sofa Set

Delivered in 1-3 Working Days

£599.99 £699.99

Aura 6 Seater Armchair Oval Rattan Garden Furniture Dining Set with Parasol and Rain Cover
Aura 6 Seater Armchair Oval Rattan Garden Furniture Dining Set with Parasol and Rain Cover

Delivered in 3-5 Working Days

£999.99 £1,199.99

  • Black
  • Grey

Rattan garden furniture is for outdoor living

One of the best things about summer is you can dust off the BBQ set and enjoy the delights that come with outdoor cooking. Whether it’s just steaks or burgers, or something a little more complicated, the aroma and taste that comes with using a barbecue is hard to beat. Firing up the BBQ also gives you a great excuse to invite friends over for a garden party or small get together.

This is where wicker garden furniture comes into its own - providing the perfect place for people to sit and eat and enjoy conversation with others who have popped over. 6 seater garden sets offer a fantastic setting for this sort of environment, as people won’t be seated too far apart, and if there is music playing and a lot of background chatter, they won’t struggle to hear each other.


For larger gatherings, a gazebo is a good way of keeping the cooking space separate from the main section of the party. There won’t be any build-up of smoke as all sides of the gazebo are open, allowing it to flow freely into the air. Standing for long periods of time cooking on a BBQ can leave you exposed to UV rays, so using a cooking gazebo is a good way to provide shade to keep your skin protected on a hot day.

Fire pits are becoming increasingly common in the UK, as it gives homeowners the option to remain outside even when it gets a little colder. BBQ fire pits are also another option, so you can relax on your lounge set or patio furniture and cook up some tasty snacks. Al-fresco dining, whether it’s formal or more casual, goes hand-in-hand with the summer and if you have a garden furniture set to use at the same time, life really couldn’t get any better.

Fitting rattan into a small outdoor space

If you live in the city, or a property with a smaller garden, it is unlikely you won’t have the same amount of space as a house with a conservatory or orangery extension. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your garden and outdoor space. With a little imagination and creativity you can still make the most of the space available.

It all comes down to how you arrange your garden furniture, as long as it still feels spacious and. Try doing the following:

Set a focal point

This is the centre point of the garden or balcony. Once you know where the focal point is, it becomes easier to organise and arrange other pieces of furniture around this area. Take your time finding a focal point you are happy with as it will dictate everything that comes after.

Complement the dimensions

Your balcony or patio set should complement the space as much as possible, which will affect the ambience and overall feel you want to create. For example, a more formal layout would have a symmetrical arrangement, with bistro sets and garden tables lined up to face each other or positioned around an axis.

A more unique set-up would be asymmetrical, which would feature furniture that does not necessarily follow a neat, uniform layout. You can include sun loungers, sofas, parasols and even hanging chairs. It all depends on how much space you have to play with and your personal preferences.

Make good use of wall space

For smaller gardens it’s important to position the furniture in places that will enhance the dynamics of the space as much as possible. A good rule of thumb is to put the longest piece of furniture up against the wall. A corner set is ideal for this, or the biggest seater sofa you have available, which should be facing outwards towards the focal point you have already set up.

Rattan works particularly well in small spaces because the material is robust and thanks to the colour, doesn’t dominate the visual aspects of the garden. As long as the furniture pieces are positioned as best as possible, you should have a good balance of space and dimension.

Choose your furniture wisely

6 seater garden sets can work well in a smaller space, providing you have done the necessary preparation work before making your purchase. This means measuring the dimensions of the garden and checking that the width, length and depth of the rattan sofa pieces are a good fit for your outdoor space.

If you have a small decking area, a compact round table and chairs set can make it look cosy and appealing on the eye. Bistro sets are perfect for small decking spaces, patios and balconies and also work as a small outdoor dining set for two. And to save on space the chairs can be pushed under the dining table out of the way when not in use so you can utilise the floor space if needed.

Define garden sections

You maybe don’t want everything to blend into one in the garden and there are ways to create different sections without overwhelming the space. It can be tempting to stuff too much furniture into a small garden, but making separate sections enables you to identify how each part can be used. A small outdoor kitchen (with a compact grill) or mini-bar area will not only transform the decking but also allow it to be used for multiple different tasks all at the same time.

Add in some lighting

There are some easy and cost-effective tricks you can use in a smaller garden to accentuate the space much more. Lighting is one of the best ways you can transform a small garden – with more light making it feel spacious. String lights, deck lights or mountable stake lights ensure the gardens looks warmer and more cosy and it really creates an atmosphere.

You should also consider going to solar powered lights that are incredibly straightforward to install and do not need you to trail wires across the floor. They charge up with light during the day and automatically turn on at night, giving you natural power that is also better for the environment.

Strategically hanging a mirror or two in the garden will also create the illusion of there being more space outdoors. They don’t have to be large or overbearing in size, but placed at an angle a mirror can expand how you look at the space and the way you use the garden in the long-term.

Plants and flowers

Adding a few more flowers and plants to the space can also make a real difference. Whether you have a table set, garden chairs or a 6 seater dining set, when you’re enjoying al fresco dining brightening up the space with natural colours will make it feel even more enticing to spend time in.

PE rattan looks great in natural surroundings, so even if you don’t have lots of floor space available, the simple addition of a flower pot or two can really inject a new lease of life. If you have a side table, simply pop a flower or plant pot on there to rest and catch sunlight during the day, and you’ll reap the benefits by having a bright and engaging garden that everyone can enjoy. There are plenty of low-level care plants and flowers you can place in the garden that only require the occasional watering once a week, so you won’t have to worry about them drying out and dying due to neglect.

Helping you make the most of your money

Managing your money is important, especially when it comes to making big investments for your home. It’s always helpful if you can find ways to spread payments without incurring heavy interest rates or additional fees and Klarna gives you the best way to do that with your rattan furniture.

Klarna gives you the chance to buy now and pay later, so you can start to transform your garden without any delay. So, instead of paying for your purchase in one lump sum, you can spread the cost over 3 months, making it much easier to manage.

When you get to the checkout on our online store you will have a few options to choose from. You can pay the full amount in one go, opt for a 30-day repayment window or split the cost across 3 instalments. If you choose either of the latter two options, you simply complete the transaction, get ready for the delivery of your items and pay the remaining amount by the agreed dates.

And when you use Klarna there are no interest rates applied to your repayment plan. That means you only pay the price quoted at the checkout, and not a penny more. There are also no penalty fees or charges for missed or late payments. However, it is important to note that a late or missing payment could negatively affect your credit score. This could make it more difficult when applying for credit elsewhere.