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After a long day work and taking care of all the things that need to be done, there's nothing better than being able to sink into your favourite chair to relax for the night. A recliner armchair adds that extra level of comfort that standard designs aren't able to offer. It's a luxurious piece of furniture that can become your favourite place to escape at any time of the day, with the ability to recline into your favourite position.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use manual recliner chair then you've come to the right place. The mechanisms respond to a simple touch of a button so you can tilt into the perfect angle as you watch the TV, curl up with a book or doze off for a little while. We believe every home should have a reclining chair and our collection can make it a reality for your living room.

We only use the very best materials

At Furniture Maxi we place quality over everything else, but also ensure all our reclining armchair pieces are affordable enough for any home. From the moment you click into the product to find out more, right through to the delivery at your front door, we provide a first class service. We know how important your living room is your home and finding the right furniture is essential to that.

We ensure every item we sell is made to the best possible standard, so you can enjoy the exceptional comfort you deserve at home. From the wood used in the framework to provide strong support, to the sumptuous leather and gorgeous fabric featured in the seating itself, our furniture is made to last and stand up to the wear and tear that comes with life at home.

That attention to detail also applies to the functionality of our recliners, ensuring the mechanisms are responsive so you can quickly settle into the seat. A recline chair isn't much use if you it doesn't tilt correctly or if the button doesn't react as needed, which is why time is spent on developing important elements of your chair to meet the high standards we always set.

Recliners made for every home

Our Boston range sets the standard when it comes to home relaxation. Available as either a leather or fabric recliner chair it features comfortable high back support and padded arm rests that quickly help you find the perfect position. It's a manual recliner that is easy to tilt and relax in, taking comfort to a whole new level.

The Palermo range is available in grey, brown and black, all classic tones that fit in effortlessly with any type of interior design. While it features a sleek modern design this leather recliner chair can adapt just as easily to traditional spaces as it can contemporary décors. And the premium bonded leather and sturdy steel base guarantees quality.

Fabric reclining chairs prove just as popular as their leather counterparts and the Sheffield range meets those requirements. The high back design provides the support needed to contently relax for hours, and the manual recline mechanism responds intuitively. Available in grey and light grey, it brings style and sophistication into your living space.

The Fleetwood range offers a wonderful combination between modern and classic styles. The soft yet resilient faux leather upholstery invites you to sink into its shape once seated, and all it takes is the touch of a button to tilt into your favourite position. And the padded cushions and footrest make it feel like you are floating on air once you have settled in.

Why we love reclining chairs

Once you try a reclining chair for the first time, there is no going back. What's not to love about a chair that takes the weight of your feet and supports you as you tilt back into the best possible position. Relaxing somewhere in-between lying and sitting down feels like heaven and our affordable range make it a possibility for your home.

Reclining chairs ensure customised comfort unlike any other type of furniture. When you invest in quality like those seen in our collection you will remain feeling supremely comfortable for as long as you want. Of course, there are many other ways to put your feet up, but none come with the added option to tilt with full back support. You can also use a combination of the settings to use it as a normal armchair, with your feet up or with the added luxury of the recline position.

They can be particularly useful for people with mobility issues who struggle to maintain movement. This can lead to further health problems, such as poor circulation in the limbs. A reclining chair can provide help for this as you can easily adjust position with the flick of a button, offering circulation support in and around important areas of the body.

Likewise, if you need assistance getting up or sitting down, a recliner chair is ideal. Rather than dealing with ongoing discomfort, the mechanism offers support to making standing and sitting less of an ordeal. You can be gently lowered or lifted by the chair, so you have more control and balance doing the simple things around the home.

Our customers always come first

At Furniture Maxi we're always looking at how we can add more value to your purchase. From providing exceptional products to offering customer service that puts your needs first, we want your experience to be flawless from start to finish. It's why you can enjoy a number of added features free of charge, ensuring you get the most from your recliner.

For example, if you live at a mainland UK address we will not charge you any extra for the delivery of your item. We know that every extra penny you can save can make a difference and we believe adding this charge to your cost would be unfair. You still get the item sent to your idea quickly and efficiently, but without having to pay through the nose, no matter where you are on the mainland.

As an added guarantee of the quality we offer to everyone, as standard, customers also receive a 3-year frame warranty, as per our terms and conditions. This ensures the integrity of the product's structure and verifies the quality of materials used in every build. It covers both manufacturing and/or material defects, giving the original purchaser added assurance about their furniture.

We also provide the opportunity to return your items within 30 days after receiving it, as per our terms and conditions. This applies to products that have not been altered, or are still in their original condition or packaging. It gives you more control as if you have a change of mind and meet the terms of the return policy, the item can be shipped back without any hassle.

The last feature we offer is a fantastic repayment scheme called Klarna. While you can always pay the full price at the checkout, you also have the option to split the payment equally across three instalments. The first is due at the checkout with the remaining two to follow. There is no additional interest added to the price, so the price quoted at checkout is the final price you'll pay, allowing you to manage your money more effectively.