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A velvet armchair can serve as a wonderful addition to any living room. Whether it’s being used to complement an existing velvet sofa or as a stylish accent piece, it’s a beautiful item of furniture that really stands out. No matter the colour you choose it can immediately brighten up the space and transform the way you spend time in the room.

We have a wonderful collection of luxurious velvet armchairs to choose from, each one designed to bring out the very best of your living room. From classic styles that look amazing in traditional spaces, to contemporary designs for minimal interior environments, they ensure the sort of luxury you need to relax in true comfort.

The style and colour of your velvet armchair will also play an important role in dictating the surrounding décor. That’s why we offer colours that are adaptable to change and will allow you to update the interior design without having to also invest in a new set. Similarly, the subtle tones make it easy to match to a wide range of existing decors.

Elegant velvet armchairs for your home

Our Ascot Tub chair is available in green or grey velvet, combining both classic and contemporary styles in its slender shape. The seat and arms have a clean, neat finish, complete with strong legs that finish the form to perfection. It’s a velvet armchair that looks great in clean, unfussy spaces, especially on rustic wooden floors off-set against stylish rugs.

There’s something of a regal air to our Ascot Wingback Recliner, bringing instant sophistication to the room. Available in blue, grey or green, it’s a plush velvet armchair that works wonderfully as an accent piece. Positioned in-front of a warm fire or even a study room, it offers strong back support and all-round comfort so you can unwind without a care in the world.

The Russell Velvet Armchair brings timeless retro inspiration into the modern age, the broad profile and deep seating maximising comfort no matter how long you remain seated. The subtle gold accents in the stainless steel legs enhance the vibrancy of the blue, green or pink velvet, and it also features stain resistant upholstery so it works well in homes with children.

Velvet that is made to last

Not only will you benefit from the unique interior style that a velvet armchair or sofa can bring to your home, but also the timeless appeal that is an essential part of the fabric. When time and care is given to the velvet fabric it will last for years to come, as it is a high quality material that can withstand the rigours of everyday life and usage.

All our velvet armchairs are made with polyester velvet, which is far less likely to fade, crush or mark. So if you have children or pets in the home and are concerned about having this sort of material in the living room, it won’t let you down. As the pile is flat and features no raised weaves or loose threads it is much more difficult to snag, so the velvet fabric stays looking better for longer.

The added beauty of velvet is the depth of colour it provides to the room. While flat cotton or linen fabric have their benefits, they find it hard to compete with the fullness of tone velvet can provide. Not only does it ensure your armchair is full of character and makes a strong statement, but it brings out the best in the surrounding décor, illuminating the colour palettes seen on both the floor and wall sections.

Taking care of your velvet furniture

Velvet fabric doesn’t require you to work too hard to keep it clean, but care and attention should be given to maintaining its condition. Polyester velvet doesn’t need special treatment and can be cleaned at home using an upholstery cleaner. Before placing it onto the fabric always test it on a hidden part of the material to ensure it does leave any marks or abrasions.

General cleaning can be done by gently brushing away any surface dirt and dust. The flat pile means dirt can also be vacuumed away using an upholstery attachment. Regular cleaning will go a long way to keeping the material and armchair looking vibrant, and it is also a good idea to turn and shake the seat cushions to minimise the development of long-term wrinkles.

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