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Creating the right atmosphere in the garden isn't something that can be done overnight. It takes time to cultivate the lawn, flowers and plants, set the lighting ambience and find the right garden furniture. It's that last part where rattan sofa sets come into their own, with a style and shape available to suit any type of garden area.

From small garden corner sofas and comfortable 4-seater sets, to expansive 9-seater corner sofa sets, Furniture Maxi have a fantastic range to choose from. No matter the size of your outdoor space we have something for everyone and are always adding to our sofa set collection. That means you have more choice and control over how you shape and use your garden right through the year.

When you invest in a rattan set from Furniture Maxi you are making an investment into quality. High quality PE rattan is used for the construction of every piece, offering a variety of benefits. The material's natural weather resistance properties offer longevity of use, while maintenance requirements are low, so you won't waste time on the upkeep of your new garden furniture set.

Rattan sofa sets for outdoor socialising

The spring and summer seasons offer the ideal opportunity to organise get-togethers with friends and family. Whether you want to make the most of al fresco dining outside, or simply want to relax in warmer temperatures by yourself or the immediate family, it's important to have a garden sofa that offers the comfort you need.

With its thick cushions, strong design and guaranteed durability, rattan garden furniture certainly delivers in this area. No matter how you prefer to sit, this outdoor furniture will offer ample support for your frame and posture, complemented further by the intricate design of the armrests. Combined with the spacious seating available on each section, you can spread out without feeling cramped or squeezed in.

The quality PE rattan used in all our garden sofa sets offers assurances the material will remain protected against the elements. Rattan furniture is renowned for its ability to withstand UV rays, rain, frost and more, all without fading or requiring you to spend hours on upkeep. When you compare this other types of furniture it's easy to see how much extra value you will benefit from.

Rattan sofas for indoor relaxation

Depending on the size of your home and if you have a conservatory or orangery extension, you can also position your rattan sofa inside. Due to their light weight they are easy to move around, so you won't build up too much of a sweat. This gives you more control over where you sit and the sort of garden views you can enjoy on any given day or week.

While many people purchase a rattan garden set for use outside during the summer, there are times when the heat can feel overbearing. It's always important to manage the length of time spent exposed to UV rays, so moving the rattan sofa inside to cool off in shaded areas is easily done. And when you are ready to head back outside, you can return the furniture to its original spot without any hassle.

If you have an extension built onto your home, then you can enjoy the rattan garden set year-round. Conservatories and orangeries can sometimes be left unused during the colder months of the year, but with the right seating you can make the space feel warmer and more inviting. Whether it becomes a place to work from home, or to eat family dinners or entertain, a rattan sofa can become the centre piece of your extension.

Rattan sofa sets require minimal maintenance

Maintenance is something few of us enjoy, taking time out of your day to fuss over garden sofa materials that may look good, but can quickly deteriorate if left to their own devices. This is a common problem faced by owners of timber garden furniture. A lot of energy can be spent repairing and maintaining wood, which means you lose valuable time which could be spent relaxing.

Investing in a rattan garden sofa & corner garden sofa offers a similar natural aesthetic without the same level of care and attention needed to keep it in good condition. This is especially helpful when you lead a busy lifestyle, with work and family responsibilities taking priority. So when it's time to head out into the garden to unwind you can do so without any nagging worries about any boring maintenance chores.

When it comes to cleaning a rattan garden set, the task couldn't be any easier. There's no need for specialist sprays or harsh detergents. A simple bucket of warm water, mixed in with washing up liquid will suffice and soft sponge or cloth. Wipe down the rattan material and remove any marks or stains that may have appeared over time. And when you're finished you can just leave it to dry naturally outside.

Value for all our customers

To get even more from your purchase and to extend the life of the rattan material even further, take a look at our waterproof outdoor furniture covers. Made from durable and lightweight polyester, this water resistant material works to stop the deterioration of the rattan when left outside for long periods during off-season. Moisture vapour is still able to escape to let the rattan breathe, while keeping rain, leaves, dirt and other debris off the surface of the sofa.

At Furniture Maxi we believe in working with our customers to ensure they get the best possible service. That extends into managing the cost of buying our outdoor furniture, making it easier to afford and repay. Find out more about our Klarna finance option which breaks down the full price into smaller repayment amounts, with zero interest added to the final cost.