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What is a rattan corner sofa?

The corners of any outdoor space can be difficult to fill, so in many cases you may end up not making the most of the room you have available.

That’s where rattan corner sofas offer the perfect solution, slotting in to ensure you find a cosy corner to relax in, whilst opening up the floor so you have space to use or simply spread out into.

An outdoor rattan corner sofa is designed in an L-shape to give you a stylish and contemporary place to sit and entertain. They come in a variety of different sizes, with options ranging anywhere from 4-seater to 9-seater rattan garden sets. Also known as corner sofa dining sets, you can sit and eat with friends and family or just use the space for leisure, depending on your mood.

What types of rattan garden furniture are available?

The important thing to know when shopping around for rattan garden corner furniture is that there are different styles to choose from:

Garden corner units

This is the most common type of rattan corner sofa, that comes with an L-shaped sofa, and perhaps a coffee table and footstool. It all depends on your requirements and how you intend to use the furniture in the long-term. These are simple but stylish in design and offer an easy way to entertain and unwind in the comfort of your own garden.

Standard rattan garden furniture sets

If you don’t want to invest in an L-shaped outdoor sofa, you may be able to create the same aesthetic using a standard rattan patio set. For example, if you buy a set with two sofas, or with a single sofa and a couple of armchairs, you can place them in an L-shape in the corner of the garden so you maximise floor space and make the most of every square foot you have available. It's a modular option that gives you more control of the layout of your outdoor space.

Daybed corner sofa  

Daybeds have become increasingly popular in the past few years and a daybed corner sofa brings together two of the very best outdoor furniture ideas. It’s a place that allows for total comfort and relaxation, so everyone can spread out to their heart’s content. You will need a little more room to accommodate something of this size, but if you have the space it is more than worth it. If sunloungers aren't really your thing, these are a great alternative.

Dining sets

A corner sofa dining set lets you eat out in style in the garden. It’s a great way to bring family and friends together in a more intimate environment away from the more formal, traditional setting of a dining table. No more shouting across a long table to speak to someone else and the spacious seats give you plenty of elbow room to spread out. Once in place it will soon become your new favourite place to eat at home.

What are the benefits of buying a rattan garden furniture set?

Durable and long lasting 

Whether you’re buying garden chairs, a coffee table set or a rattan corner sofa set, you want the furniture to last for years to come. PE rattan is not only weatherproof, but also offers high levels of UV resistance, ensuring the rattan does not fade, turn brittle or become easily damaged through exposure to the elements.

Classic and contemporary 

There aren’t many pieces of outdoor furniture that can adapt to changing times and décor refreshes quite as easily as a rattan corner sofa set. It has timeless appeal that enables it to blend in with period properties and contemporary homes, and even if you move to a new house it will slot right without any fuss. You can always rely on a corner sofa set to help you make the most of your outdoor living needs.

For gardens and conservatories 

One frustration expressed about some outdoor furniture is it has limited use at certain times of the year, but investing in a corner sofa set allows you to enjoy it for 12 months of the year.  Use it as an outdoor sofa or rattan dining set in the spring and summer, and benefit from its high quality features inside a conservatory or orangery during the autumn and winter, ensuring you get the most for your money. If you have the space, you could even place them in the living room during the colder seasons for extra seating.

Low maintenance  

Nobody wants to work too hard to keep their outdoor lounge set in good condition and whether it’s a 5-seater or 6-seater corner sofa set, maintenance is always made easy. A rattan lounge set only requires you to keep it clean using warm soapy water on occasion, and you can also add a varnish if you want to increase its natural weather protection. Life’s too short to spend it cleaning and scrubbing and a rattan garden sofa set ensures those responsibilities are kept to a minimum.

How to choose the right multi-seater rattan corner sofa set

When you start to search for corner rattan furniture, you’ll soon realise there are a lot of styles to choose from. Having options is great, but having too many can get confusing, so using the tips below can help you make a choice much more easily.

1. Measure your outside space 

Outdoor rattan corner sofa sets can sometimes have anywhere up to 9 seats, but if it takes up too much room then you’ll lose a lot of floor space and the area will look crammed and unwelcoming. Sets can also come with a glass top garden table, chaise longue, armchair and footstool, so try to take these extras into account.

Height also matters, especially if you have hanging plants, lighting or other sectional areas of the garden you want to keep separate. Be sure to check the dimensions of the corner garden set you are thinking of buying to ensure it is a good fit for the garden.

2. Consider how you’ll use a corner rattan garden set

Even if you have the space, there’s probably no point buying a large rattan corner sofa if you have a small family and rarely entertain. But if friends and family regularly visit and you and your family love nothing more than lounging around on a hot day, then you may need more seats.

3. Look for PE rattan lounge sets

PE rattan is the best type of rattan you can buy, offering superior weather protection, durability and comfort. A flat, close knit weave should mean it can stand up to the rigours of ongoing use and provide the support you need for people using it throughout the summer.

4. Choose your style 

Garden corner sofas typically come in neutral colours such as light grey/dark grey rattan, brown and black. This makes it easier to blend in with existing decors and enables them to adapt to any aesthetic changes that may happen further down the line. This part is totally a personal choice about what suits your tastes best.

5. Always go for comfort

Given the amount of time you intend to spend relaxing on your garden corner sofa, it pays to make comfort a priority. Look for seats with high backs and polyester filling as these tend to keep their shape better over time. Style is important as it needs to look good out in the garden, but it’s important to strike a balance with comfort so you get the best of both worlds.