Rattan Day Beds

Just like in the home there are levels of comfort you can enjoy when spending time in the garden. If relaxing in an inviting rattan chair is not enough, then our rattan day bed collection could be the thing for you. Each one is designed to let you unwind in style to help you make the most of the time you have to yourself.

A rattan daybed gives you the chance to stretch out without a care in the world, ensuring more space and comfort while you enjoy the sun. They continue to be one of the most popular rattan furniture pieces of choice for many of our customers, often providing the finishing touch to their outdoor space.

Relax in true comfort in the garden

Our garden daybed collection is available in a variety of different colours, shapes and sizes, so no matter the dimensions of your outdoor area you can find something suitable. And once you settle on the right one to fit your needs it will soon become one of your most cherished pieces of garden furniture.

But investing in a day bed doesn't only mean they are for use out in the garden. Their adaptability means you can enjoy more wide ranging use from the furniture whether it's during the summer or any other time of the year. A daybed can be brought inside the conservatory, orangery or home for use as any extra bed when friends or relatives spend the night, giving them a soft and inviting place to get some shuteye overnight.

And because each of our day bed furniture pieces are made from premium rattan you also get the full benefits that come with the material. Thanks to its tropical origins, rattan is one of the most naturally weather resistant materials available today. That means it offers protection against rain, snow, frost and UV rays, giving you even more value in return.

This is also helpful when it comes to maintaining day bed rattan garden furniture during off-season. When the sun disappears during autumn and winter the material can resist changes to the weather for longer periods, while still retaining its condition. For homes that do not have enough storage space this can really make the difference during the colder months of the year.

How to get best use of your rattan day bed

The combination of being able to lay back on a bed-style piece of furniture out in the sun is the ultimate way to relax for many people. Nothing quite beats the feeling of spreading out and sinking into comfy cushions in a warm and peaceful environment, getting rid of those stresses and worries and even curling up for a short nap if it takes your fancy.

You can use them for seating options when guests are around, or to share with other members of the family, decorating the seating area with stylish contrasting cushions. Day beds are easy to customise, so why not add in some throws and other favourites that will increase the cosy factor. This is outdoor furniture that can act as a centrepiece or to complement existing items, making your outdoor space seem more enticing than ever.

Enjoy even more protection

A rattan garden day bed is not intended for use just for one summer, but for many more to come. If you do not have enough storage, or if moving the day bed from its current spot is too much hassle, you may want to look at our waterproof outdoor furniture covers. It will keep the day bed completely dry when not in use, which can even be useful during the summer to shield against strong UV rays and high temperatures.

Our covers are designed to let the rattan breathe, so it doesn't start to sweat and develop moisture that could prove detrimental. The vapours can naturally escape so airflow is maintained across the furniture, striking the right balance to keep each piece in good condition and ready for use when you take off the cover.

Customers can also enjoy greater repayment flexibility with our Klarna scheme. Rather than paying the full price upfront, you can split the cost into three payments without any delay on receiving the item purchased. And best of all, you will not have to pay any additional interest, so you only ever pay the original price quoted at the checkout.