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Grey rattan garden sets 

Timeless colour 

Grey rattan garden furniture has remained popular through the years because of its timeless appeal. The colour sits somewhere between black and white, which gives it a neutral feel, so the furniture stands the test of time, even as other colour fads come and go. It’s not an attention seeking colour, and doesn’t detract from other parts of the décor, and it works in any environment. In these modern times, grey rattan is cool and contemporary and perfectly complements a host of other colours, easily blending in with tones traditionally associated with outdoor spaces.

If you want to brighten things up, you can add colour throws, pillows and other accessories that will really pop against the grey background. Alternatively, if you prefer a monochrome look, whites and blacks create a crisp, clean aesthetic. Grey rattan garden furniture works at any time of the year and as long as you keep it good condition, it will last for years to come.

Grey rattan garden furniture

The material 

Use of rattan goes back centuries to the Egyptian era, where people used it to weave together wicker baskets and other accessories. While we’ve expanded the way it is used in modern times, we rely on it just as much as ever. Now we have the advantage of dressing it up in different colours, and outdoor furniture creates a classy, sophisticated air in the garden and will remain on-trend without ever looking dated. You really couldn’t ask for more and it ensures you get fantastic quality for your investment.

When shopping around for grey rattan patio furniture, check the product spec to see if PE rattan has been used for the weave. It’s the best type of rattan around and ensures longevity and durability so you have fewer worries about the quality degrading. Good quality rattan also provides comfort for anyone who uses it, so whether it’s a reclining sun lounger, daybed, 5 seater lounge set or family table set, you can relax without worry.

Lightweight and durable 

Perhaps one of the most surprising things about rattan garden furniture is that it manages to be both lightweight yet completely durable. You would normally expect a light material like rattan to be easily breakable and require real care and attention to maintain its condition. But one of the best things about grey rattan furniture – in-fact all rattan furniture – is its ability to withstand long-term usage without showing heavy signs of wear and tear.

A garden sofa set gives your garden luxury that lasts and is far stronger than it looks. This also lends itself to the movement of the furniture, so you won’t cause yourself an injury trying out new locations. This is important to know for different seasons of the year, so the when the temperature starts to fall, you can move your garden chairs, dining table, bistro set or anything else indoors.

Weatherproof protection  

One crucial feature you have to include in your purchase is the need for furniture that has weatherproof qualities. Rattan hails from the tropics in countries that experience extremely high temperatures and long periods of heavy rainfall, so in many ways it is tailor made for life in the UK. You never quite know what the British weather has in-store – even if the weather app tells you it will be sunny for hours, there’s always a chance a downpour could appear out of nowhere.

Rattan generally stands up well to the occasional shower and UV exposure, although it pays to cover your grey rattan garden furniture when not in use. This will help extend its lifespan and means you won’t spend too much of your time repairing broken pieces or faded material. This applies to everything from footstools and cube sets, to coffee tables and corner sofa sets.

Easy to maintain  

Whether you invest in light grey sets or dark grey rattan garden furniture, the whole point of your purchase is to enjoy the easy life in the garden. It’s your downtime away from your responsibilities, so the furniture has to be able to help you achieve that. A rattan garden furniture set doesn’t make many demands on your time when it comes to maintenance and upkeep, which will be music to the ears of anyone who just wants to relax without worry.

Of course, like any outdoor furniture, grey rattan garden furniture will need to be cleaned from time to time, but even that is low hassle. It’s simply a case of using a soft cloth or sponge and warm, soapy water to wipe down the material. Then you can leave it to dry naturally outside and it’s good to go once more. If you want to go a little further you can varnish the rattan so it has even more protection against the elements, and it’s also a good way to recolour and rejuvenate rattan pieces that might need a little refresh.

Minimalist style 

Before grey rattan garden furniture became so popular, black tended to be the go-to option for many homeowners. The introduction of grey sets presents a more contemporary style and is even more adaptable to a variety of garden aesthetics.

Grey tones create a minimal style that keeps the focus on the natural surroundings of the garden, which should always be the star of the show. At the same time, whether you invested in a rattan sofa set, dining set, rattan chairs or a simple garden table, the grey colour complements the green shades and enables brighter flower colours to pop and maintain that all important extra dimension.

Types of grey rattan garden sets 

One of the best things about rattan furniture is finding the right piece of rattan furniture to suit your home is relatively easy. Most rattan outdoor patio furniture is modular, which gives you more control over your garden environment.

Some of the most popular types of grey rattan garden furniture includes:

  • Garden sofa sets: Whether it’s a 4-seater corner sofa set, 8-seater piece rattan set or something even larger, sofa sets are always a main part of any rattan collection. 9 seater sofa sets are usually the largest available and you’ll need plenty of outdoor space to enjoy them, but if you have the room, they are a luxury well worth investing in.
  • Cube sets: Another classic part of rattan furniture are cube cuts, which are versatile and ideal for both traditional and contemporary settings. They look fantastic in grey and help save on space, especially if you have a garden table, as the seats can be pushed underneath a table out of the way. And if you have a fire pit outside they make for the perfect place to sit and relax with friends late into the night.
  • Corner sofas: Rattan corner sofas are generally the exception to the modular rule, as they designed in an L-shape to help you make the most of the floor space you have available. It’s a great way to ensure that everyone has a comfortable space to relax in, while also maximising the space in the garden, perhaps allowing you to add in a side table, parasol or coffee table for extra storage space. These also work wonderfully well as corner dining sets, making them a lovely place to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Dining sets: Al fresco dining is really what it’s all about during the summer and it’s something that more and more households have started to bring into the comfort of their own homes. Why pay for an expensive, noisy restaurant when you can entertain for half the price at home? Dining sets tend to start with 4-seaters for traditional family units, but can be purchased with more seating options to accommodate larger parties if you like to entertain friends and family on a regular basis.
  • Bistro sets: Grey rattan bistro sets tend to find more use in small gardens where there is limited space, or in areas such as balconies, porches or as a patio set close to the entrance of the living room or kitchen. You can enjoy a table for two on a nice sunny day with a friend or loved one and enjoy the quiet confines of your own garden.

Regardless of the type of rattan furniture you buy, you should give consideration to how you will keep it in good condition. Generally, rattan will look after itself, so you won’t have to work overtime removing stains and adding varnish.

A simple way to increase the longevity of the furniture is to buy enough furniture covers to place over each piece when they are not in use. This polyester coating will shield the rattan from being overexposed to moisture for long periods of time (be it from rain or frost) as well as blocking out harmful UV rays which can cause the material to become brittle if left along for too long.

Rattan furniture covers are a cost effective addition that will help you get more out of your purchase. And by making it last for longer, it means you don’t have to worry about looking for replacements or spending money on unnecessary repairs.