Radiator Covers

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In times past, not much consideration was given to radiators, their positioning in the room and how they affected the overall aesthetic of the space. That has changed in the modern age and now radiator covers are incorporated as a key element within any interior design layout.

The decorative design of modern day radiator covers make it easy to complement the overall look and feel of any room. They are a great way to refresh and modernise your space while also providing additional areas to display accessories, ornaments, photographs and more.

If you’re wondering where to buy radiator covers then Furniture Maxi have literally got you covered. From contemporary white radiator covers to more traditional styles, we have a wide range of finishes available to will transform the surrounding space. We have small radiator covers for more compact rooms and tall radiator covers for units with fewer columns that stand at a larger height.

Safety and security

They can also be referred to as a radiator cabinet because they are used for storage purposes in the room, which is one of many reasons why homeowners choose to invest in a radiator cover.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing – with white radiator covers in particular a popular choice – they offer greater protection for homes with young children. If a radiator is at peak temperature a young child could still potentially burn themselves and using a white radiator cabinet removes any concerns of that taking place.

If you are a pet owner rather than a parent (or both), a radiator cover is also a smart investment to make. This keeps your four-legged friends safe at all times, so they can find their favourite spot without fear of catching themselves on the hot surface of the radiator.

The perfect centrepiece

Where many older houses used to feature a fireplace that served as the centrepiece for the room, the invention of radiators has removed the need for wood and coal burning to heat the space. However, radiator covers can also be used as a focal point in any room, resembling a fireplace in some respects, while also adding fresh character and style.

When planning on buying a new radiator cover you need to ensure the measurements are accurate to secure the perfect fit. This means not only detailing the length, width and height of the unit, but also taking into account the skirting boards if any cut-outs are required for it to slot into place.

Installing a radiator cover is a relatively straightforward procedure as most are freestanding, with additional wall attachments secured with tabs and brackets. This offers extra protection and ensures they cannot be knocked or pulled over accidentally. Full instructions on how to secure the cover to the wall is provided with every product we supply, making your job simple and easy.