Home Office - How to Design Your Workspace

Whether you work from home full-time, or need to create a space that allows you to bring it home to focus in peace and quiet, creating a home office will make all the difference. It can also double up as a place of study for teenagers, providing a space to work without distraction.


Every home office is different because every home is different, but there are still some fundamental rules that apply to all. Our home office buying guide covers the essentials so you make the right purchasing decisions to create a workspace that will complement your work ethic.

Finding The Right Workspace

Whether you are able to use a spare room in the house for the home office, or you have to set aside a dedicated section of an existing room, finding the right workspace is crucial. Not only in terms of the home office furniture you’ll need to buy, but you need a space that has plenty of light, isn’t filled with clutter and will allow you to focus on work without distraction.


Just as importantly, you’ll need to be able to connect to the internet, whether that’s through a wired connection or via Wi-Fi, so make sure the space you select can provide this too.


Your choice will also depend on how dedicated you need the space to be. Do you work from home full-time? Or is it only for when you bring work home on occasion? Are you setting up a side business of your own? Will other members of the family be using it to study and/or work?


The less use the space has, the less fuss you’ll need to make. But if the workspace is going to be used frequently, it makes sense to spend time and money on the right investments.

Picking Out A Comfortable Chair

Aside from the table, choosing a comfortable office chair will play a crucial role in supporting your time spent working in your home office. The best office chairs will allow you to:

  • Be set at the right height of your desk and ensure ease of access to equipment
  • Allow you to have freedom of movement without restricting any tasks
  • Be flexible to accommodate other people of different shape or size without issue
  • Provide good support for your body in more than one position

There are generally three types of chair available to choose from. No one option is better than the other – the one that suits your needs best should be considered the best office chair:

These are great if you only use it on occasion for 1/2 hours a day, or want it to double as a dining chair.

They usually come fully assembled, removing the stress of putting it together yourself.

Use this for between 2-4 hours a day to get the best benefits. They are also very useful if you suffer from back pain.

If you sit for more than 4 hours a day, then this is the best option. Especially if you have a fixed height desk and share the chair with something of a different build.

There are also a number of key features to take into consideration when buying a chair. This includes things like:


Seat height: Make sure your feet will rest flat on the floor. If not, get a footrest. Your thighs should also not feel compressed when sitting down.


Seat depth: When sitting down, the back of your knees shouldn’t be pressed down. Adjustable depth will help anyone who deals with back pain.


Backrest/lumbar support: The backrest should be of the right shape and size to support the lower and middle back. The chair should also maintain the natural S-shape of your spine.  


Colour: Whether it’s a black mesh office chair, or a white office chair, remember, you have to see it every single day, and the last thing you want is it to feel displeasing to the eye.


Finding The Right Desk

Of course, the other essential part of home office furniture is finding the right desk. A modern office desk comes in all shapes, sizes and colours (a grey office desk always seems to be a popular choice), so you’ll need to determine which one suits your needs best:


Laptop desk: Perfect for laptops and if you do not have much space to work with. These are simple, unfussy designs that are functional and cost effective.


Corner desk: If you are setting up in the corner, this helps to maximise space in the room. Ideal for laptops or for those who do not require much space to work in.


Adjustable height desk: This will allow you to stand or sit when working and are great if people of different heights will be using the desk.

Making Space For Storage



Another key element of any home office furniture setup is storage. No matter how large or small the space, you’ll need to have some room allowed to store key work-related items.


Only you will know how much storage you will need, but without it, you run the risk of paperwork, folders and other paraphernalia spreading into living areas of the home. Even if you live by yourself this can create a lot of mess and can get frustrating over time.


Whether you place your home office furniture in a separate room, or in another area of existing room, you want everything you need to be to hand whilst working. This allows you to keep focussed rather than having to get up every time and to potentially become distracted away from your designated work area.

It’s Time To Go Shopping

Whether starting a new business from home, or simply setting up a space to bring work home from the office, you need high quality and cost effective home office furniture to make it a success.


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