Everything You Need to Know about Rattan Furniture

Buying good quality rattan furniture ensures you will be able to relax and enjoy your garden for years to come in style. As it is a specialist material, it requires some inside knowledge on the best style of rattan garden furniture to invest in. Even if you already own rattan furniture, you may be looking for some extra advice and tips.

So, whether you are a first-time buyer, or shopping around to add to your collection, read on to find out everything you need to know about rattan furniture.


Rattan garden furniture is made from a plant material called rattan that hails from tropical rainforests in Indonesia, the Philippines, Laos, Sri Lanka and other countries in the Asian region. The garden furniture can also be made weaving synthetic alternatives together with natural fibres. Rattan is often confused with wicker furniture, as they are both used for similar purposes. However, rattan is an actual material, while wicker is the style of weave used to knit together the fibres.


If you are thinking of purchasing rattan garden furniture there are a wide range of advantages you will be able to enjoy:

Stylish and adaptable: Rattan garden furniture looks great in any type of outdoor space, including gardens, balconies, conservatories, porches and terraces and blends in perfectly with natural surroundings.
Weatherproof: The natural material stands up well against UV light and exposure to wind, rain and snow – making it perfect for use in the UK.
Low maintenance: You won’t have to work hard to keep your rattan furniture in great condition, with warm soapy water and a soft cloth all that is needed to wipe away stains.
Hardwearing: Rattan garden furniture is tough and durable, making it a long-lasting investment that will offer years of enjoyment.
Lightweight: You can easily move your rattan furniture from one place to another due to how light the pieces are to manoeuvre round the garden and home.


Frame Type

If you are considering purchasing a rattan garden sofa set, for example, it will spend a lot of time outside. That means exposure to the elements on an ongoing basis. Make sure the rattan furniture you buy has a powder-coated steel frame, as this is less likely to develop rust. Once rust appears the integrity of the frame will quickly weaken. It is also worth investing in a shield cover to protect the furniture when it is not in use.


UV protection

Although the sun may not seem to be as harmful as harsher conditions such as rain and snow, it will affect the quality of the material if left exposed for too long. Furniture both indoors and outdoors can suffer from colour fade over time, so make sure the rattan furniture you buy offers good levels of UV protection. This will allow the colour to remain vibrant and prevent the material from splitting in the heat.



Spending time on your new rattan garden means the cushions should also be able to provide long term comfort without losing shape. Olefin and acrylic fabrics tend to provide the best consistency due to their high fade resistance levels and durability. Polyester is also a good alternative, although not all types offer the same value for money. Foam is the best type of filling, as it not only look good aesthetically, but it offers comfort without quickly turning flat after being sat on for a while.



Your rattan garden furniture will be in your garden right throughout the year, which means it will have to manage the unpredictable British weather. As it is a natural material that grows in rain forests, rattan is tailor made for the outdoors. It contains in-built weatherproof properties that enable it to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. However, we also do recommend that you cover your rattan furniture during longer periods of the year when it is not in use. For example, you are less likely to spend time out in the garden during the autumn and winter, so covering up your rattan furniture will add another fantastic layer of protection.


There are so many styles of rattan furniture to choose from, whether you want to use it inside, or outside, of the home. When it comes to rattan garden furniture it’s hard to beat and here are some of the essential items that would will suit any outdoor environment.

Rattan Sofa Sets

A rattan garden sofa set can include anything from 4 seaters to 9 seaters, depending on the size of your garden and what it will be used for. They also come with coffee tables for family and friends to enjoy refreshments at any time, making it easy to relax when you want.

Cube sets

Cube sets are ideal for anyone who has a more compact garden space, with options to seat anywhere between 4 to 10 people. Their name comes from the ingenious design that allows you to place the benches and chairs under the table to maximise space when not in use.

Dining sets

Nothing beats eating outside during the summer and rattan dining sets allow you to do just that whenever you desire. Up to 10 people can enjoy the luxury of soaking up the sun with some great food and wine. During quieter periods these sets can also be used as a quiet spot to relax in peace by yourself.

Sun loungers

When the sun is out you want to make the most of it and cushioned rattan sun loungers are ideal for laying back, relaxing and catching some rays. Leave it in the same place all year round and it will still be in perfect condition when you are ready to top up your tan the following year.


Having the right accessories for your outdoor rattan garden furniture is just as important. Scatter cushions not only add an exciting pop of colour, but they make the seating more comfortable. It also makes sense to invest in some rain covers to keep the material protected during longer periods when you might not be using it throughout the colder months of the year.


Like any other type of furniture, you will be able to get more out of your rattan furniture if you know what you are going to be using it for. Although it is incredibly adaptable – perhaps more so than any other type of furnishing – it’s always helpful to get an idea of the dimensions available in the garden so you can plan accordingly.

Home life

If you are buying outdoor rattan garden furniture solely for you and the family to enjoy and relax with, then comfort comes above everything. Of course, you want it to look good too, but ensure the furniture is sturdy enough to withstand hours of people lounging around, and comfortable enough to encourage them to do so. Investing in extra cushions is never a bad idea and will ensure everyone gets the most of out of the furniture..


Friends and guests

The summer is a great time to hold BBQ’s or dinner parties and rattan garden furniture makes for a great addition for people to enjoy. Your priorities will probably be the opposite to our suggestion above, as you’ll want people to be impressed and wowed by the look of your rattan furniture. But, of course, they need to be comfortable too, so be sure to try and strike a balance between the two.


The great thing about rattan furniture is it can be used anywhere around the home. Its natural tones allow it to blend in easily with any type of interior décor, while also finding a perfect home in the garden. This is what makes rattan furniture so cost effective and such a great long-term investment for anyone looking to replace or upgrade their existing set.


Once you have the measurements of your garden space, you will need to check it against the product specification for the rattan furniture you are thinking of buying.

  • Small gardens

Rattan cube sets help many homeowners get the most out of their smaller gardens. With anywhere between 4 to 10 people able to use them, they tick both boxes in terms of providing seating space while not taking up too much room. When not in use they are no bigger than the size of a table, while footstools can be easily tucked away underneath the chairs.


  • Larger gardens

If you are lucky enough to own a larger garden, then a rattan garden sofa set should be one of the first options you look at. These enable you to really spread out across the decking, patio or lawn, with more space to arrange the furniture as you wish. And if you really want to create a relaxing environment, you can always consider installing artificial grass for the perfect finishing touch.


How To Care For Rattan Garden Furniture Infographic guide

One of the main reasons rattan garden furniture in the UK has become so popular is due to the minimal amount of maintenance required. There’s no reason why you should have to work too hard to keep your garden furniture in prime condition, and rattan furniture ensures you don’t have to.

Use rattan covers: Rattan covers protect your garden furniture from the elements, increasing their longevity. Not only do they provide an extra barrier against the wind, rain and snow, they do not cost much to purchase and can be left on your rattan furniture all-year round.
Use a gentle touch: Avoid applying harsh chemicals to your garden furniture to ensure the material is not damaged during cleaning. In most cases you should only ever need to use warm soapy water and a soft cloth, before leaving the furniture outside to dry naturally outside once you have finished. Wring out the cloth before use, as too much water exposure can lead to rot and mould on the rattan.
Mildew removal: Mildew can develop in certain environments where there is not enough ventilation. If this occurs it should be removed quickly before it spreads across the rattan garden furniture. For this type of cleaning you can use a mixture of 50/50 water and bleach applied to the rattan with a soft brush. Use a damp cloth to remove residue, before leaving it to dry naturally.
Crevices and corners: The crevices and corners of your rattan garden furniture are relatively easy to clean with a vacuum and brush attachment. This will help remove dust, dirt and food bits that may have become lodged over time.
Split rattan repairs: Exposure to high temperatures can sometimes dry out parts of the rattan, leading to the appearance of cracks or warping. By applying tung or boiled linseed oil you can help prevent this occurring, effectively keeping the skin of the rattan moisturised and protected.
Garden furniture feet: It’s a good idea to add rubber stoppers to the bottom of your rattan garden furniture to avoid developing scuff marks on the floor when moving items from one place to another. Doing this will also protect the bottom of your rattan furniture from experiencing higher levels of wear and tear.


Theres a growing number of companies selling rattan garden furniture as it becomes an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners. However, that also means quality will not always be sustained by some sellers and it is important to know what to avoid when you are shopping.


The best quality rattan furniture will not only feature power coated aluminium frames, but also HDPE or PE synthetic rattan. This ensures it retains the waterproof qualities that allows it to be left outside in the garden for a long period of time. Furniture that contains steel frames and either PU or PVC synthetic rattan should be avoided. The frames will eventually rust during the colder, wetter months, and the rattan will eventually crack and split.



When you spend money on rattan garden furniture you should it expect it to last. That’s why our products come with a three year guarantee on the frame. It ensures it stands up to the levels of usage you demand, so you are not unexpectedly let down when you need it the most. Good quality rattan furniture is meant to last for years to come and checking the guarantee that comes with it is a great starting point.


Glass features

In order to get the most out of any tables that come with your rattan furniture, it should contain tempered safety glass. This ensures the glass is safe to use and suitable attachments are in place to keep it securely fixed within the furniture piece. Avoid buying tables that do not feature glass tops, as it will prove difficult to use during the hotter months. Like any material, rattan responds to the natural elements. The heat during the summer can cause it to slightly sag in the middle. If your table does not feature glass, the instability will make it impossible to use.


Helpful features

Rattan furniture should be built so it is accessible and easy to use. Features such as adjustable feet, or parasol holes in the centre of the table are intended to make your life easier. Padded cushions are also another helpful feature. All of these things are meant to improve your experience and allow you to relax without fuss.