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Great garden furniture brings comfort and function to your outdoor spaces. With the Papaver garden furniture range a basic outdoor space will be transformed into a sensory-rich dining destination.

Papaver 9 Seater Rattan Garden Dining Set In Grey

Barcelona Grey Modular 8 Seater Rattan Corner Sofa Set - Furniture Maxi

Are you thinking ahead to the summer and how you want to entertain family and friends? If so then you should take a closer look at this Papaver garden furniture set which will instantly transform the way you spend time outside in the garden.

Made from high quality PE rattan, this beautiful garden sofa set will allow you to welcome up to 9 people at any one time to sit and relax together. Each seat offers plenty of space to recline into, with the deep filled luxury cushions ensuring absolute comfort at all times.

Use it as a patio table and chairs set, or out on the lawn, to maximise the space available and increase your seating options. The gorgeous round weave finish is a wonderful design that adds real class to the set, while the stunning chrome feet make each piece look luxurious and the perfect fit for your home.

If you’re a fan of grey rattan furniture, then you’ll simply love this dining set. All of the seating comes fully assembled, so you don’t have to waste time putting it together. All you have to construct is the dining table, which takes no time at all. Before you know it you’ll be seated on this Yakoe papaver 9 seater with a refreshing drink in one hand and a snack in the other.

You won’t have to work hard to keep the set in great condition, so combined with the low maintenance requirements and affordable price, this is a high quality bargain you can’t afford to miss out on.

Papaver 8 Seater Rattan Furniture Garden Sofa Set In Grey

Barcelona Brown Modular 8 Seater Rattan Corner Sofa Set - Furniture Maxi

Corner sofas are all the rage at the moment and one look at this rattan garden sofa set will tell you why. Whether you are looking to throw a BBQ, a family celebration, or just want to enjoy more time out the garden with the family, this offers all the space and luxury you need.

This Yakoe rattan garden furniture range remains one of the most popular choices with our customers and it’s easy to see why. The large corner sofa is complemented by two beautiful footstools and a glass-topped coffee table, giving you plenty of seating options any time you have friends or other family members round for a visit.

People love grey rattan garden furniture because of the way it effortlessly blends into any type of environment. Whether you have a traditional, contemporary or modern design in your garden, this garden sofa set will look right at home. From the wonderful round weave finish, to the deep filled cushions and extra large seating space, you are guaranteed excellent value for money.

One thing that some people are worried about when buying outdoor garden furniture is the upkeep involved. However, a great benefit of purchasing rattan garden sofa sets like this is you do not have to work too hard to maintain their condition. A damp cloth combined with soapy water is all it takes to remove marks and stains to keep it looking fantastic.

And because Furniture Maxi only ever use the highest quality PE rattan, you never have to worry about the colour fading too quickly, or the material experiencing too much wear and tear. That’s why our customers love buying from us, as we always guarantee superb value for money.