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The garden represents a place to escape from the confines of the home and the pressures of work and other responsibilities. Rather than heading to the local park you can enjoy the joys of nature in your own private space. It's one of life's little luxuries and as such should be complemented by garden furniture that makes it feel like a special and inviting place to enter each and every time.

At Furniture Maxi we understand the importance of luxury garden furniture and ensuring you enjoy the right levels of comfort. We want you to make the most of outdoor living, maximising the space in your property and getting the most from your time off. It's why we enjoy providing quality garden furniture that is stylish and affordable, changing the way you see your outdoor space.

Premium garden furniture

Every item found in our luxury garden furniture range is made from premium materials, giving you the longevity and value for money you expect. No matter what size of sofa you need for your outdoor living space we have something to meet your requirements. From orangeries and conservatories, to garden, terrace, balcony and patio furniture, we make it easy to find the right one for your home.

Luxury rattan garden furniture often works best as focal point in the garden, creating a centrepiece for you to mould everything else around it. Whether it's adding decorative screens and trellises to complement the neutral but vibrant rattan colours, or adding flower and plant pots in and around your luxury outdoor sofa, it makes redesigning the garden a much easier task.

If you are looking for a corner sofa then you're also in luck. This style of outdoor furniture has fast become one of the most popular around, not just for the space and comfort they provide, but also because of how they benefit smaller gardens. The floor space is opened up around the sofa, so you can find the right corner or angle to position it without sacrificing much needed room to relax and entertain.

Rattan ensures you can always take it easy

One of the main reasons customers prefer rattan garden furniture is because it is much easier to manage than metal or timber furniture. While they both look equally as elegant, they require a lot more maintenance work to keep them in useable condition. And when you are searching for quality outdoor furniture, it makes sense to ensure you won't be left searching for replacements sooner rather than later.

While there are some recommended treatments you can apply to rattan, in general the material doesn't require you to spend too much time fussing over it. For example, when it comes to cleaning you can simply use warm soapy water and a sponge/cloth to wipe away dirt, grime and marks, before leaving it to naturally dry. This enables you to spend much more time relaxing on the sofa rather than worrying about creating a tiresome cleaning schedule that makes owning it too much hard work.

Rattan is sourced from hot tropical countries, which means it features natural weather resistance properties that allows it to flourish. It can withstand high temperatures and exposure to UV rays for long periods, while also offering protection against rain and frost. British weather is notorious for its tendency to change at the drop of a hat, so having a garden sofa made from the material ensures it can take care of itself.

The cushion on every seating position is also waterproof, so you won't have to worry about the weather damaging the material. However, if left uncovered you will enjoy even more longevity by bringing them inside when not in use, as it can survive ran showers but not an ongoing torrent. And thanks to the rattan furniture design they are also washable - preferably by hand - so can be cleaned up to look as good as new again.

Easy protection during offseason

While our luxury furniture range ensures built-in, natural protection due to the premium rattan used in its construction, you may also want to invest in more protection. When purchasing a new sofa, customers often opt for a waterproof outdoor furniture cover as part of the package. These smart covers create a physical barrier between the material and surrounding elements and can be used all-year-round, even during the summer.

Thanks to the breathable polyester fabric used in the cover it enables moisture to escape, so the rattan won't be suffocated underneath. This allows for a constant airflow to continue across your garden furniture, so mould doesn't start to appear. Drawstring and stoppers can be used to create a snug fit while the solution-dyed cover will maintain its strong colour no matter how long it's left exposed.

You also have the option to use our Klarna payment scheme, which makes buying contemporary garden furniture more manageable. The way it works couldn't be easier: The full price of the item is split into three equal payments, with the first due at the checkout. No additional interest is added to the final cost and your delivery will be sent out as normal. Then you simply pay the remaining two instalments on the due dates and continue enjoy your luxury outdoor furniture for years to come.

Always at your service

Luxury outdoor furniture is all about treating yourself to the very best without having to break your budget. The Furniture Maxi team work hard to source the best rattan furniture items for our customers, so you can build the garden of your dreams. From delivering high quality luxury garden furniture to flexible repayment options, your experience as a customer remains at the forefront of our minds.

Get in touch with us today if you have any questions about our products and our customer support team are on-hand to assist. We'll guide you through the ordering process and can help you make the first step towards creating the perfect place to unwind with friends and family.