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Garden Furniture Buyers Guide

Everything you need to know about rattan furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture

The garden should be treated as an extension of your home and as such, just like the rooms inside, the outdoor space should also reflect your personality. Yet it's also unique area unlike any other, letting you relax outdoors in private without any distractions. That means you need adaptable, reliable and stylish garden furniture that can give you all of that and much more.

Rattan garden furniture offers the perfect solution for all your garden furniture needs, offering a wide variety of designs to suit any environment. And you don't necessarily have to be the owner of a large garden to own this type of garden furniture. There's a size to suit every space and even if you don't have a garden, it is furniture that looks just as great on the patio or balcony, as it does in a conservatory or orangery.

At Furniture Maxi we are always adding to our rattan garden furniture collection, and thinking of ways to make your garden, patio or terrace feel even more special. From corner sofas to the rattan dining sets, whatever you need to transform your outdoor space can be found right here.

Rattan Sofa sets

Choose between small, medium and large seating options,
depending on the size of your garden. Whether you are looking for a corner sofa or garden chair to unwind in, our garden furniture range covers it all. Many also come with a spacious coffee table to act as a centrepiece and a place to put down drinks, food and other refreshments.

Rattan Cube Sets

Cube sets remain a popular outdoor furniture option for those with smaller gardens. They bring a contemporary yet timeless look to the space and the clean lines ensure each set remains looking neat and compact. Save even more room by pushing the chairs underneath the table to maximise floor space.

Rattan Dining Sets

A dining set for al fresco eating is one of the best ways to enjoy the garden space. Start your day with a sunny breakfast, followed by a relaxing lunch in the hazy heat and finish by bringing family and friends together for an evening meal. We have rattan dining tables to suit small and large groups, whether eating outside or in a conservatory.

Rattan Bistro Sets

The simplicity of a bistro set is what makes it such an attractive option for so many outdoor settings. A rattan table with two chairs creates an intimate setting that can be enjoyed at any time during the day. Use it as patio furniture or compact dining set, whether your garden has small or large dimensions.

Rattan Sun loungers

Place the lounger on the balcony, terrace, patio or next to the pool and lay back without a care in the world. Rattan loungers make it easy to find the perfect position in the sun and they're lightweight, yet sturdy, construction allow you to move the sun lounger around throughout the day so you can tan as long as you want. And when used with a parasol you'll soon be in seventh heaven.

Hanging chair

We all want to create a cosy little nook that is both accessible and provides an escape. That's exactly what a hanging chair offers, complementing your existing garden furniture set and enclosing you inside a natural rattan cocoon. Line it with blankets and a cushion or two and you can drift away without a care in the world.

Rattan Day Beds

A day bed is just as cosy as it sounds. If relaxing horizontally is more your thing when it's time to relax, then this is the rattan garden furniture for you. It's the next level up from a lounger or garden sofa, bringing the comfort of your home into the outdoors, while you bask in the wonderful afternoon and evening sun.


To make your rattan garden furniture feel more personal to you, accessorising is the way togo. Rattan furniture looks and feels even better with additional throws and cushions added and helps you create the perfect aesthetic to suit your preferences. Keep it simple or add as many layers as you need and it is the type of garden furniture that always naturally complements its surroundings.

Enjoy the many benefits of rattan garden furniture

Customers love rattan furniture sets for a variety of reasons, not least because of the value for money they are guaranteed. At Furniture Maxi we use premium PE rattan on all our products, ensuring durability and longevity so you can enjoy your garden furniture for years to come.

A rattan garden furniture set helps you to save on space in the garden, with cube sofas in particular offering a way to sit, eat and then tuck each garden chair out of the way to create more room when not in use. The beautiful rattan weave is also unlike any other type of garden furniture around today, and is adaptable enough to work in traditional, modern and contemporary settings.

Perhaps best of all, whether you buy a rattan sofa or garden table, you won't have to work overtime to maintain its condition. Rattan garden furniture is easy to clean, needing only warm soapy water to wipe away marks and dirt.

Protect your garden furniture for longer

Rattan garden furniture is made from a rattan material that originates from the tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australasia. That means it has natural in-built protection against the weather, enabling it to withstand exposure to rain, frost and UV-rays. However, like any material it benefits from added protection, especially when not in use, and we recommend investing in a waterproof outdoor furniture cover for extra assurance.

It's also a great solution for homes that do not have much storage space and want to shield their garden furniture during the autumn and winter. Using the cover means the garden furniture can remain in the same place, while being fully protected against potentially damaging elements. The cover encourages airflow to avoid the development of mould and features drawstrings and stoppers to keep it fixed firmly in place. And when you're ready to use the garden furniture again, the cover can be taken off and put into storage until next time.